Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone :)

Before I start my actual posts I wanted to begin with a quick welcome post. I decided to start this blog as I recently graduated high school and am looking for a fun, interesting way to spend my summer. The main content will be fashion, beauty, lifestyle (including travel) and books.

A little bit about me...

- I'm an eighteen year old girl with an obsession for all things girly.
- I'm a cat fanatic - seriously, I have three!
- All my life I've dreamt of being a writer and still spend a lot of time writing my books on wattpad.
- My name is actually spelt Lily but I really wanted the blog address lifeaccordingtolily which was already taken so I had to switch it to Lili.
- One day I hope to move to LA, I just think it's the absolute epitome of all things glamorous!
- This fall I intend to go to University to study marketing and advertising.
- I'm frequently told that I look younger than my age. In fact only recently I had to refrain from sassing a 14 year old boy because he told me I looked like a 12 year old. Yay me. 

So my loves, that's a little about me, I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!



  1. Aww i'm also a huge cat lover, you are so lucky to have three! x

  2. Aw I know :) they're seriously like my babies haha x


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