The Best of New In At Topshop.

So recently whilst browsing (and buying) from Topshop I noticed just how amazingly gorgeous so many of their new pieces were. For my post today I wanted to share some of the ones that I'm particularly enamoured by. 

Starting with the top row, I love love love the bold pattern on the jumper. It's super different looking but also really cosy and perfect for transitioning from winter weather to spring. (Please hurry up spring, you're taking too long!) As for the skirt, I love neutral colours and I think this would look so gorgeous with or without a tan. The lace detailing is beautiful and would look lovely with anything white. Lastly I just wanted to say how beautiful the shoes are, like they remind me of something by Aquazurra but of course for a much lower price. 

The middle row actually consists of two products that I've just purchased. The black wedge heels were £49 I believe and are so comfortable and gorgeous. They work just as well with jeans as they do with a summer dress and I can't wait for the weather to sort itself out so I can wear these out. As for the middle dress (another one I bought) this one cost £55 but as soon as I saw it I knew I just had to have it. It looks, both in the picture and in real life, like couture. It's so gorgeous and I don't regret a single thing about buying this! Lastly, is the playsuit / romper on the right. This is currently at the top of my wish list. The bright red is perfect for summer and this style always looks super flattering on.

As for the bottom row, the red shoes are just stunning, need I say more. I love shoes in this design, they work so well with pretty much anything and the colour of these is to die for. Again, patterned shorts are one of my favourite things for summertime. You can just throw on a simple top and you're good to go. Again with the sweater, super simple, super cute, you can't really go wrong!



Spring has Sprung: Makeup Tutorial.

This morning when I woke, I really noticed just how much spring is in the air. Whilst it's still noticeably chilly out, the sun is shining and the days are starting to get longer. And I for one cannot wait! I'm so bored of the jumper / jeans combo and since I've recently been buying some absolute gems for spring / summer, all I want is for the weather to warm up adequately so I can wear them! 

Today, to celebrate actually being able to see the sky, I thought I'd put together a really pretty makeup look for springtime. During the warmer months I tend to stray away from my trusty bronze eye and red lip combo in favour of something a little more pastel.  

For my base makeup I'm still wearing my usual staples which you can check out here with a Chanel blush in 060. Like I said, soft pastels are my thing for spring / summer. 

Now for the eye look. The main product I'm using is this stunningly beautiful Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeshadow in the shade Star Dust which to me that sounds more like a grey toned shadow. In reality this is an amazing creme product half way between a light blue and a silver. The pigmentation is incredible and I would highly recommend. Max Factor isn't really a brand I reach for that often however I can't get over how good this is! For a highlight I'm using a champagne colour by No7 and Benefit's High Beam to accentuate my brow bone. For the crease colour I've added just a touch of the warm chocolate brown shade from my No7 trio. 

In terms of eyeliner I've used my gold Maybelline eyeliner which unfortunately I couldn't find to link. I do like this product however personally I think I could probably find better as the colour isn't as bold or as easy to apply as I'd like. Nonetheless I love love love gold eyeliner for the summer time - it's so beautiful! 

Of course I'm pairing this with my Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick Eyeliner and my beloved Chanel mascara. The lipstick shown above is my Tom Ford, in the shade 'Colin'.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you're as excited for spring as I am!! 



This Little Blog Of Mine...

Today's post is going to be a little different to my usual plethora of beauty and fashion. Ever since starting blogging I've been amazing at how lovely this community of like minded people are and just how much it has changed my life. I've been blogging now for eight months and even though it feels like just yesterday that I started I'm hoping that I've learned a few things and made some friends along the way! 

The Theme

When I first started blogging I was so in awe of the amazing range of blogs out there. Girls with beautiful websites that had me swooning... perfectly lit photography... Well you get the picture. Of course when I was starting out, I had no idea how to use blogger - it all seemed soooo confusing - and even less of an idea of how to start designing my blog. But over time I managed to add a little CSS here and there, jazz up my images and try to create something that was both girly and professional looking.

Of course, being an amateur I didn't really know what I was doing and eventually decided to look into  buying a blog theme. This was definitely the best thing I ever could have done and I'm so happy with the aesthetic and design. If you're looking into buying a design yourself; Etsy has some gorgeous ones for both Blogger and Wordpress with many at reasonable prices. 

I also think my photography and editing skills have improved massively over the past few months. Now, I'm trying to only put out content that I'm truly happy with, instead of posting for the sake of posting. 

The People

Often when I'm on Twitter, I see so many people complaining about how bitchy the blogging community is. In fact I used to follow this girl (won't name names) who constantly complained about 'drama' and how she was being 'bullied' by other bloggers, when she was the one constantly stirring up trouble and making mean remarks. Naturally I couldn't deal with that kind of negativity and unfollowed her. But personally I've never had anyone say anything rude or nasty to me - in fact the majority of the blogger girls seem far nicer than anyone I know in real life! 

Of course now seems the perfect time to mention my girl Lisa whose blog is incredible (go read it now!) and whose photography is so good it literally makes me want to cry. One day we'll own Valentino's and be slaying it down the sidewalks in LA ;) 

I feel like with blogging, as long as you spread positivity and don't create stupid drama on the internet then anyone who's mean to you has no reason to be. Of course we can't help the odd hater, but haters gonna hate, am I right ladies?! 

Dear Readers

You honestly don't know just how much having you all here on my blog has changed my life for the better. I'd been playing around with the idea of starting a blog / YouTube for about 4 years before I actually did it, and my gosh, am I glad I did. Back in June when Life According to Lily was born I was still intending to go to university in September (you can read all about why I'm not: here) and frankly I think without having this as a creative outlet these past few months I would have become depressed. And I don't use that term lightly. I'm someone who thrives on interesting and challenging things and even though A Levels were horrendous I was still happier doing them than I am now, working as a shop assistant. The monotony absolutely kills me, (only five months left, thank you Jesus!) and I've lost so many friends to university, so without my blog I really don't know where I'd be. So thank you, for commenting and reading and being absolutely incredible human beings! 



LFW Dreaming...

Oh em gee you have no idea how long it took me to get some decent photos today! The weather has been absolutely horrendous and frankly it's still freezing cold but needs must. With spring just around the corner all I've wanted to do recently is ditch the jeans and jumper combo in favour of something a little more stylish. Problem is, the majority of my cute clothes are more suited for warmer climates. So I decided to put this little ensemble together even though I was still a bit chilly taking these shots I'm really pleased with the way they turned out. 

In these photos I've paired my Topshop dress with this gorgeous River Island coat I hauled back in September. My shoes are from New Look though personally I wouldn't recommend them. Aesthetically they're stunning and look good with so many outfits however they're literally the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned! Such a shame really.

The main point of today's post was really to express how much I wish I was at London Fashion Week. Since I'll be back at work on Monday I'll have a considerable amount of time to mull over just how much I'd adore to go. Fashion has always been something I've been in love with and I'm currently stalking Victoria from InTheFrow on instagram and snapchat to see all her amazing outfits and show experiences. One day I'd love to be invited myself as it truly is the pinnacle of fashion fabulousness! In fact the final nail in the coffin was when my mum announced that her best friend's daughter is working LFW and knows one of the designers... She followed this up by telling me that they probably could have gotten me into a show. Literally what is life. But alas it wasn't meant to be and I'm currently sat at home eyeing up everyone else's photos! 

Do let me know: Have you guys ever been to Fashion Week / would you like to go?



On Top Of The World...

The Lake District - Day 4 & 5

It is with deep regret that my stunning holiday in The Lake District is coming to an end. I've had a truly lovely time here and it's unfortunately gone far too quickly for my liking. But since the weather today has been absolutely beautiful I thought I'd share with you all a few last shots before returning home tomorrow. 

Sadly yesterday was pretty much a washout as it rained all day without stopping. We did make it in to Ambleside for dinner at a lovely vegetarian place but apart from that we had a super chill day, watching the clouds descend low over the mountains and lakes. However, thankfully today was a lot better and we managed to get up fairly early (well, like 9am) and head out for a lovely last walk. 

The views were stupendous, especially from the mountain side though unfortunately I didn't get a huge amount of photos from that section of the walk as the sun was refusing to come out. But once we'd descended onto the lake path the weather perked up and it was definitely the warmest day so far.

There is something so magical and serene about forests; they're honestly one of my favourite places on earth. I mean, give me a beach any day, but it has nothing on the calmness of being inside a moss covered forest, with tendrils of sunlight spilling through the foliage. I would definitely urge anyone who has the opportunity to come up to The Lakes because it makes for a remarkably relaxing holiday.

Thank you guys for reading, I'll be back to my regular updates next week!



Windy Days, Forest Haze...

The Lake District - Day 3

We were remarkably lucky in that we completed the majority of our walk before the rain hit. Because let me tell you: those last ten minutes or so, the wind was so strong and the rain was absolutely pouring. Thankfully we witnessed most of this from the inside of our car! This is definitely a side effect of being up in the mountains, especially at this time of year and to be honest as long as I'm tucked up inside, I don't really mind. There is something fairly magical about watching the rains descend from the comfort of your living room! 

I also just wanted to include a couple of shots from our lunch. We went to a traditionally English pub where we indulged in cheese and chutney sandwiches and of course: triple cooked chips! At this point it was beginning to spit with rain and we were definitely glad for the heating and warm food! Nonetheless I had such a lovely day and am currently curled up in an armchair by the window - sheer bliss! 



How To Pack For A Hiking Holiday.

The Lake District - Day 2

The weather today has been simply stupendous - the bright sun almost making up for the bitter cold winds and temperatures that barely soared above freezing. But this lighting makes for some seriously stunning views that I just couldn't wait to photograph. 

There's something so magical about the way the sun lights up the water, bringing out the blues and greens, and of course, the gorgeous orange hues on the snow topped mountains. Now I've been on walking holidays for as long as I can remember but if you're inspired to make a retreat to the British countryside this year, I wanted to share a few of my tips and ideas for packing for a hiking trip.

- Outerwear -

Staying warm is definitely a priority especially if you're visiting around the early months of the year. Today the temperature barely topped 0 degrees and yesterday we had snow so obviously layering up is key to ensure that you have an enjoyable time. Because let's be honest: nothing is worse than being freezing cold and / or soaking wet!

I would recommend firstly getting a good waterproof coat - preferably with a built in (removable) fleece lining. Whilst they don't tend to be the most flattering items of clothing, they do the job! The same goes for waterproof trousers; not only do they keep you dry, but they act as a wind shield helping to keep you warm as well.

Obviously shopping for outdoor clothes is best done in specialist shops and can get expensive. However it doesn't have to be. Places like Blacks and Trespass stock some very reasonably priced outerwear so it's definitely worth shopping around.

Of course a major thing to consider is the hiking boots themselves. I've seen people walking up mountains wearing cheap trainers (today I saw a girl in Chelsea boots...) which are not only non waterproof (cue freezing, soaking feet) but they're not designed to be used walking long distances. Your everyday, run-of-the-mill trainers will not have any ankle support (important for walking across rocky terrain) and the soles will be considerably thinner than proper hiking boots.

Again, these don't have to be ridiculously expensive and can be purchased from pretty much all outdoors shops.

- Layering Up -

As I mentioned above it has been absolutely freezing these past few days. Seriously taking my outerwear off to shoot these photos was actually painful, though thankfully it was over fairly quickly! When it comes to layering I usually have a set routine: I'll go with a strappy top, sweater, fleece and then waterproofs. In the photos above I'm wearing a Hollister cami top with my favourite Sweaty Betty, lime green sweater. I usually wear this for dance classes however it's also perfect for this sort of thing. On my legs I'm wearing some Forever 21 leggings, walking socks, and of course, my hiking boots.

Again, something I always find when I'm walking is that my ears get really, really cold. And because I like to pile my hair into a messy bun, I'm not really a fan of hats. However I'm literally in love with my cable knit, fleece lined headband - it's perfect for stopping the icy winds getting into your ears!

Of course we have to finish with a lovely pair of sunglasses. Mine are just a cheap pair that I got free as a GWP however, surprisingly, they fitted my face really well. I don't like to take nice sunglasses with me incase they get dropped or damaged but some like these are great for the job required.

- Shop My Wishlist -

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