About Me

"Keep Your Head, Heels And Standards High."

Quote by Coco Chanel


lilyolivia.co.uk is a beauty and lifestyle blog run by 20 year old university year student, Lily. You're most likely to find her tucked up under a pile of blankets, MacBook in one hand, mug of tea in another, as she photographs, writes and reads for her blog. Here, you can find a plethora of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel all mulled together in one place.


My blog used to be something I clung to to survive in a world where I worked a job I hated, combined with having no friends and zero social life. But now our relationship is so much more healthy, I'm in a better place, I'm at university studying marketing, I have the best friends and a pretty lit boyfriend. So I want you to know that if you're not in a great place right now, it will get better and you can always drop me a DM on Twitter if you need to talk to someone, because loneliness is a bitch. xx


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