The Fragrance to melt hearts.

When it comes to fragrances I'm definitely one to switch them up season by season. This usually leads me into loving the lighter florals such as Marc Jacobs Daisy in the summer time whilst focusing more on the deeper, muskier ones for winter. However for some reason, recently I've been very drawn to the delectable Daisy Dream even though it goes against my perfume rulebook. 

As it's currently 20% off at Boots I thought I'd share with you lovely people why I think it's such a delight. 


Quick Picks

The Product: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream EDT
The Price: £41.60 was £52


First of all we have to talk about the bottle! I mean, come on! It's seriously stunning and doesn't look out of place on my dresser next to the likes of Chanel and Vera Wang. Marc Jacobs perfume is always so beautifully packaged and designed that I believe many people buy it mainly for decorative purposes! 

However whilst I am obsessed with the bottle, I do adore the scent. With top notes such as grapefruit, blackberry and pear mixed with the musks and woods in the base notes it's no wonder this fragrance is the perfect mix of fresh and gentle. 

Let me know what fragrances you guys have been loving because I'm a total addict and always looking to expand my collection! 


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