The One MAC Lipstick You Need This Halloween.

I'm a terrible student. Seriously. Whilst most of my flatmates are legitimately wondering if they should splash out £3 on a fancy pasta sauce I'm splashing my debit card around in MAC like I own the place. News flash: I don't and I need to stop. However as halloween is fast approaching (yasss) I felt the need to invest in a super dark lipstick - you know, something vampy and stylish and instead of popping into the drugstore I accidentally found myself at the MAC counter. I'm not sure how it happened either. 

By the time I left, my hand looked looked like I'd been doing some serious colouring in, but it was worth it because I was now the proud owner of 'Sin' and a similarly glam lip liner to match. 

If you haven't seen Sin the the flesh, you need to because it's honestly the most perfect shade if you want to go all out when it comes to lipstick. I've been on the hunt for a perfect dark lip for what feels like years now, but whenever I try anything it always seems to be a little too purple toned. However since applying this I can tell you it's firmly in the red sector and is so wonderfully pigmented and creamy it doesn't dry your lips out at all. 

Like any bold lipstick I'd always recommend getting a liner to match. It makes your life so much easier when it comes to application and certainly helps with the staying power of the product. I didn't have a lot of time to match mine (my friends were waiting and I'd already spend one thousand years testing lipsticks) but I'm pretty happy with the colour I went for: 'Nightmoth'. It's definitely more purple toned than the lipstick but that's ok as long as you don't go too heavy handed when applying. It also means it's quite versatile, so I'll be able to use it with some of my other darker lipsticks too. 

Before I go I wanted to briefly mention why I haven't posted in so long. No, I haven't given up blogging in case you're wondering, I just got really, really ill about a week and a half ago and haven't been able to do much apart from moan on twitter (sorry) and try to catch up on the work I missed from lectures. So I'm hoping to get back on track soon, but I'm still super busy so I'll let you know how that goes! <3



  1. Sin was on my wishlist anyway but now you've made me really want it hahah!

    Coleoftheball xx

  2. OMG the shade is gorgeous, seriously thats so up my street! yeah you may be a student but every student deserves a treat every now and again, so you go buy all the lipsticks Lily!!! haha, wonderful post as always xxx

    1. It's honestly so bad haha!! But yeah... can't help that I love makeup! xxx


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