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Guess who's back and remembered she had a blog that people actually used to read? Yep it's me. Has my entire audience upped and left? Possibly. (It has been two and a bit years since I posted.) 

However, since getting back into Instagram and trying to post regularly on there, I've found that I've missed having somewhere where I can talk in more detail about the topics I'm interested in.

If you've read my blog before: welcome back! I've missed you all. Genuinely. Blogging was such a big part of my life and having hit 100,000 page views recently, I just feel so grateful to all the people who used to regularly keep up with my posts and support me. But if you're new here (which I suspect most people will be) I hope you stick around because I'm going to be posting twice weekly for the foreseeable future!

I'm planning on creating content on a mix of topics from fashion to food to travel, beauty, dating and university. All of my content is aimed at people who are trying to make the best of themselves - eat good, look good and treat your body and mind right.

So how are we all doing? Let me know in the comments how you're handling lockdown? Me? I'm spending my days baking banana bread, writing my dissertation and contemplating whether getting a grad job is even possible at the minute. If I'm being honest I think I'm going to go on to study a MSc in Digital Marketing next year as getting a job right now is nearly impossible. Thankfully I enjoy university and am still able to live with my boyfriend and commute to my course so it shouldn't impact my plan too much!

I'm so excited to start posting regularly on here again - you can expect them on Sundays and Wednesdays at 7am on a plethora of topics so I hope to see you back again soon!



  1. Yes, welcome back to blogging!!!
    Banana bread sounds yummy.
    You look very pretty - absolutely phenomenal - rocking that beautiful ruched baby blue mini-rose print dress with its ruffled hem!!!!!
    The baby lambs lying down in the field with their mother look adorable.

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