Pizza Party evening + my thoughts on Scream Queens!

Hey guys, hope you're all enjoying this cloudy and murky Tuesday. So last night to celebrate the start of Scream Queens in the UK myself and my sister had a cute little pizza and movie night. We ordered dominoes (literally the best pizza ever, am I right?!) and watched a few movies to get us in the mood. Naturally we watched Twilight (team Jacob, obvs) and then we decided to rewatch Vampires Suck which is a Twilight parody. It's so funny and also one of the weirdest movies ever... but nonetheless we had a great time. 

Personally I love movie and pizza nights especially in AW. I'm not the sort of person who enjoys going out into town drinking etc so being all cosy at home is my idea of heaven. Honestly I swear I'm basically middle aged! 

So after we'd watched two movies and eaten our way through an entire pizza and box of cookies (what's that about 'healthy eating' I hear you scream?!) we finally sat down to watch Scream Queens. Ever since this started in the US I've heard nothing but good things about how darkly comical this show is. So safe to say, I was super excited. 

If you haven't heard of this show its a sort of similar concept to Pretty Little Liars. An elitist sorority house is plagued by a stalker known as the Red Devil (as they where a devils costume) who begins murdering off members. It all started with a murder 20 years and since then the house has been 'haunted'. It's kind of a horror / comedy at the same time! If you live in the UK it's on E4 at 10pm on Mondays. 

And it did not disappoint! Whilst it was quite weird in places I found myself really enjoying the dark comedy aspects. One of my favourite scenes was when Arianna Grande's character died tweeting about her death. I thought the writers did a good job of making the script comical without being overly stupid. 

I'm really looking forward to where this is going as a show. I'm thinking down the PLL roots with the whole Red Devil thing but hopefully it won't be quite as drawn out as PLL is! At the end of the day I will definitely be continuing to watch as I really enjoyed myself!

I also have this theory: (now it's only been 1 episode so I may be very, very wrong, but here goes:) The Red Devil is the baby who was born at the very start of the episode back in 1995. This would make him/her 20 years old and the perfect age for college. My theory is that one of the sorority girls murdered the mother so the Red Devil is getting his/her revenge for being abandoned. 

Have you guys watched Scream Queens? If so what did you think?!



  1. I wanted to watch scream queens but I couldn't because of something that came up. Good to hear its liked.

    1. It's on 4OD! You should check it out, it was a good balance of funny and horror! Xx

  2. Pizza party evening sounds fab, and the best way to spend your night on these Autumn nights!
    I have been waiting to watch Scream Queens and was so excited when I heard it was coming to the UK on E4.. and I wasn't disappointed either! I thought the same as you, maybe the red devil is the baby from 1995, we can only watch and find out! And I thought the scene at the end with the lawnmower was brutal (I am a bit squeamish) so I wonder what will happen next week! Great review, can't wait to see your views on next week's episode too :) xx

    1. Oh my god I know! The end scene had me and my sister exchanging looks of shock and disgust haha! Yeah I'm really enjoying it so far! Can't wait till next week! Xx

  3. I really enjoyed Scream Queens! It was the perfect mix of comedy and horror :)
    samantha xx

  4. Yep same! Leaving the house is so overrated! Haha xx


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