Smashbox #SHAPEMATTERS palette - My thoughts + review

So I'm here with another beauty post! Are we really surprised? No, not all. 

Today I'm reviewing this stunning palette from Smashbox. I saw this gem at Boots and it was such a good deal I just couldn't let it pass. Originally it cost £60 (I know right, crazy,) but it was half priced to £30 and then had a further 10% off! So £27 for 9 eyeshadows, two contour colours, two highlighters, three brow colours and a double ended makeup brush is really not bad. 

As I said, I just couldn't let it pass. But be quick because it's sold out online and the offer ends on Thursday! 

Now onto the review: 

The Product: Smashbox #SHAPEMATTERS palette
The Price£27 / £30 /£60

Quick Picks:

The packaging: 5 stars
The product5 stars

Value for money5 stars

I tried this set out the other day and got my sister to take loads of photos for me but unfortunately they were literally all out of focus so I couldn't use them! If you'd like to see a makeup look using this palette I'm going to do it again and post the pics on instagram sometime in the next few days! 

The first thing I tried out was the eyebrow colours. Sadly these shades are too light for me as I have really dark brown brows but I used the dark, matte brown eyeshadow (bottom left) with the flat angled brush and found that to be a great colour match. The quality of the brush was the first thing I noticed - it's seriously good! But the actual pigmentation of the eyeshadow was really amazing as well.

Next I tried the contour and highlight colour (I used the shade 'glow') these were so pretty with the highlighter giving a lovely, natural touch of light. The contour colour was great too, not orange or muddy looking at all which is something that usually worries me.

In terms of the eyeshadows I used the middle colour as an allover base, the aubergine in the creases and the silver grey in the outer thirds. To highlight, I used the pretty champagne in the inner corner. 

Again, just really amazing quality as you would expect from a high end cosmetics brand like Smashbox. I would highly, highly recommend! 

Let me know if you've ever tried anything from Smashbox and what your recommendations would be! 



  1. I couldn't resist and bought this too! Have only swatched it so far but first impressions are good!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. It was just so gorgeous I couldn't help myself! It's such good quality xx

  2. Ah this looks absolutely amazing, I love a multi-use palette!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. So do I! It's so good for going on holiday etc cause you don't have to take loads of single pot products! Xx

  3. What a pretty palette! I love purple shadows, so I'll definitely have to check this out in store!

    xo, Liz

    1. They're so pretty, I'm wearing them today and I'm obsessed! xx

  4. Great review hun! Seems like awesome value for money, especially when you consider the sale price!
    Love your blog and your header is so beautiful!!

    xx Krista

    1. Aww thank you so much! That means a lot as I designed everything myself!! And I know! I wouldn't pay £60 for it for sure!! Xx

  5. lovely review, this palette looks so pretty! your photos are so pretty!:-)xx



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