Review: Pasta Evangelists: Fresh Pasta Delivered to Your Door?!

If you asked anyone what my favourite food is, I guarantee they would say pasta! And they would be right. Nothing beats a delicious bowl of fresh pasta, creamy sauces and maybe some warm garlic bread on the side. So when I discovered Pasta Evangelists I just knew it was something I had to try. Essentially, it's a delivery service similar to Eat Fresh or something along those lines. You order what you want from their menu of amazing options and they send it to your door! The idea is that you get fresh, authentic Italian pasta which takes minutes to prepare. 

With lockdown going on at the minute, my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a delivery from Pasta Evangelists, and I just had to write a post on my thoughts about it. I also this another post talking about how to treat your loved one in lockdown, so be sure to check that out to!

Dish Number 1: Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli

So literally within an hour of my package arriving I cooked the first pasta. Each order comes with a little booklet of the recipes but they're so super easy to make. For some context to make this pasta, I literally boiled some salted water, cooked the pasta for three minutes and melted the chunk of garlic butter that came with it. After mixing the two together I added the chopped hazelnuts and a whole lot of parmesan. AMAZING. 

For something that took under five minutes to make I really cannot fault this! I would definitely order this again however be warned, if you're not a massive fan of garlic, this pasta is SUPER garlicky! 

Dish Number 2: Fresh Pesto Tagliatelle

So I didn't think the second pasta could possibly top the first but oh my goodness it was incredible! Pesto pasta is such a simple pleasure in life but there is a difference between a jar of sauce with dried pasta, and a fresh homemade meal. The tagliatelle was super light and cooked in just three minutes which is AMAZING! Literally these meals are perfect if you're a lazy cook! The pesto itself was really rich in colour and flavour. Often I find homemade "restaurant" pesto can be a bit bland, but this was super flavoursome. I topped it with some of the leftover hazelnuts from the first pasta and a whole heap of parmesan.

Overall I will definitely be ordering from Pasta Evangelists again... It was so worth it!

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Use code "Lily Jamieson"

Thanks for reading and I will be back with a beauty post on Wednesday!

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