Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

First things first I'm an Essie addict. It's always my first port of call in Boots even though I probably have enough nail polishes to paint an entire room with, so it only seemed sensible to make a post dedicated to my absolute summer favourites. For me summer nails are always bright, fun, pops of colour. You've got the whole of Autumn and Winter to worry about the neutrals. So go crazy and jazz it up with a coral and put that blush pink back in the drawer. 

Coral: Tart Deco
Periwinkle blue: Bikini so Teeny
Hot pink: Watermelon
Turquoise: Mint Candy Apple

* The only thing I would say is that I'm a firm believer of not blind buying nail polish as neither my photos (which have been edited) or the images on Boots.com do these nail polishes justice.* 



  1. I have mint candy apple its such a lovely colour. Wanted Bikini so Teeny for ages though. How many coats of it do you need?

    Lovely choice of colour though, love essie:)

    1. My bottles really pigmented! You could get away with one coat but I usually do two just to be on the safe side! :) x

  2. Wonderful post! I love it:)



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