Pretty Little Liars - 6x10 - Big A Reveal!

First of all if you don't watch PLL why are you here? Seriously you do not want to spoil yourself though considering it's all over twitter I wouldn't be surprised if you already knew. Either way, if you've ambled onto this post having either not watched the season finale or never having seen PLL remove yourself from my page and go watch now! Its on Netflix. Enough said. 


Okay, presuming you, my lovely reader has watched the episode, let us discuss!

So pretty early on in the episode we get the Big A reveal - Cece Drake is Charles?! What?! I'd read many theories that basically said that Cece being Charles was a pretty big likelihood but to be honest I'd dismissed them as being unlikely - so props to ABC family for doing the transgender storyline. However for me, I'd been convinced that Lucas was going to be Charles because if we cast our memories back to the episode from the end of last season when the girls attended the fake prom in the dollhouse and Spencer 'saw' Charles (well, he was behind her, but we, as the audience saw him/her) he/she was definitely a guy: 

I mean, let's just take a moment to look at the body type. In the picture above Charles has wide-set manly shoulders and is clearly flat-chested. Compare this with Cece who even though she was originally a he, 100% has boobs lol you can tell from her body shape (also because the actress is a woman haha). For some reason I'm not convinced that Cece is the only one who stole the game from Mona. Which means that Cece must be protecting someone! 

Another thing that convinces me of this is because right at the end of 6x10 during the flash forward 5 years section, Aria clearly says that 'he's after you'. He, not she. Therefore she can't be talking about Cece. In my opinion there are two possible likelihoods: either Mr Dilaurentis - because he is one shady fellow or more likely - another A! Because even though Cece said that its was 'game over' she didn't necessarily speculate that it was game over full stop. Therefore there must be a male who is in on it too... Maybe Lucas?! Okay probably not but I was so set on him being Charles! 


The other big reveal we got was that Sarah Harvey was Red Coat and The Black Widow. To be fair I loved this plot twist. She was super sketchy from the beginning and I did not ship her and Emily at all. When she told Emily at the end of 6x10 that she was trying to protect her I was shocked but super stoked to see Em punch her! 

But do we really think Sarah is on Cece's side... Or is she on the Liars team? If there was one thing this episode was missing it was explanation vis a vis Sarah. Who is she really? Was she really kidnapped or was that a lie? Has she actually been in the dollhouse for all that time? I really think we could have a whole episode just regarding Sarah's backstory and why she pretended to care for Emily when in reality she was psycho? 


Okay so let's talk a little more about Charles / Cece. We already knew from mr D that the reason why Charles was sent to Radley was because he tried to kill Alison by drowning her. However Cece told us a different story... So who do we believe? Either way I'm angry that he was so unaccepting when it came to Charles being transgender. If mr D had just taken a moment to realise that being trans wasn't her fault and that sending her to a mental hospital is not going to force her to remain a 'he' then we probably wouldn't be in this situation. Because if we take Cece's word for it that she doesn't have mental health issues then it can only be Radley which created this obsessive and malicious behavioural traits. 

Another thing I was vaguely confused about was whether or not Cece had undergone sex reassignment surgery. By the sounds of things she hadn't but just by looking at her figure and face shape it's very feminine. Also surely Jason would have noticed when they were dating even if they didn't have sex that she... well, had a mans body? I don't know, I just feel as though one 40 minute episode was not long enough to answer all the questions.

Oh god... And then there was the Bethany Young / Mrs Cavanough scenario. I was so shocked when the bitch blamed Charles! I mean... they were supposed to be friends right?! 


Let me know what you guys thought of the finale + who did you think Charles was going to be?!

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  1. I have literally stopped myself reading haha, everyone talks about PLL I think i'm gonna have to watch it! x

    1. Ahhh you have to watch it!! But don't read spoilers haha! it's seriously amazing, so funny and kinda creepy at the same time! X


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