Mockingjay Part 2: My Thoughts.

Last weekend I finally got the chance to see the new Hunger Games film in cinemas!! Naturally as a massive fangirl I was super excited as many people had already rated the movie pretty highly and previous films had definitely surpassed my expectations. So, along with two of my best friends and another friend from Australia we headed down to our local Odeon to check it out.

The first thing I would like to say is that I have read all the books so I did know the plot before going in. So if you haven't seen the movie or read the books and you don't want to be spoiled, GO AWAY NOW!! I will not be held responsible if your eyes stray down and read something they shouldn't. ;)

Anyways on with the review!


Like I said above because I had read the books there weren't any massive surprises for me. These films are pretty good at staying true to form so I don't think any book readers will be disappointed on that front.

Okay so let's first talk about the Finnick death scene, like I think I need to get this one off my chest! He was and always has been my favourite character in these books / movies so I knew I would be upset about his death, but similarly to the book it all happened very quickly. I have to say part of the problem was mainly the fact that I deal with sudden loud noises really badly so I was sort of cowering away as I knew there was going to be a jump scare. Then of course things got violent super quickly and I definitely was cowering into my friends shoulder a bit! So basically I missed a lot of the tunnel scene. But I still mourned Finnick because he was, after all, my favourite character. 

And then of course there was Prim... Ahhhh cue me and my bestie exchanging looks of horror as the scene unfolded because we both knew what was happening. For me this was actually a lot more heart wrenching in the movie as for some reason it didn't really affect me that much when I was reading it. Which is weird because I have a younger sister and we're super close. But this scene was done SO WELL. The desperation of the Capitol people mixed with the torment of being so close to sanctuary was just really hard for me to stomach. I don't know, I know these people are supposedly 'the enemy' (they've had the 'glee' of watching (and celebrating) the Hunger Games each year) but you can't help where you're born and at the end of the day most likely, they're not bad people, they just don't know any different. So I felt sad when they got bombed even though I was expecting it. 


Ooh okay so now let's talk about that cute-ass moment when Haymitch kisses Effie goodbye right at the end. HOLY BEJESUS I don't remember that being an actual thing in the books, but let me tell you something: I loved it! I shipped those two so much I almost had a mini heart attack of happiness in the cinema. Like for real, it was so cute, I mean, sad, but nonetheless cute. 

Also how annoying was Gale in this movie?! Like seriously he so hardcore ships himself with Katniss he literally turns every conversation into a 'who you gonna choose Katniss?' kinda thing. Even when Peeta's there, it's so awkward and he's so irritating I'm SO glad she didn't end up with Gale because Team Peeta all the way. I did really love Josh Hutcherson's acting in this movie. He seriously stepped his game up x100, I think I'm a little bit in love with him.  


In general I think my favourite scenes were either the ending: 'you love me, real or not real?' 'real' part (I cried y'all) or the part where Gale and Katniss were walking through the Capitol being trailed by the peacekeepers. 


In terms of a rating I'd give it a 4.8 stars or a 90%!
I'd love to hear what you guys thought! 


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  1. So interesting to read your thoughts on everything!
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