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Oh em gee you have no idea how long it took me to get some decent photos today! The weather has been absolutely horrendous and frankly it's still freezing cold but needs must. With spring just around the corner all I've wanted to do recently is ditch the jeans and jumper combo in favour of something a little more stylish. Problem is, the majority of my cute clothes are more suited for warmer climates. So I decided to put this little ensemble together even though I was still a bit chilly taking these shots I'm really pleased with the way they turned out. 

In these photos I've paired my Topshop dress with this gorgeous River Island coat I hauled back in September. My shoes are from New Look though personally I wouldn't recommend them. Aesthetically they're stunning and look good with so many outfits however they're literally the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned! Such a shame really.

The main point of today's post was really to express how much I wish I was at London Fashion Week. Since I'll be back at work on Monday I'll have a considerable amount of time to mull over just how much I'd adore to go. Fashion has always been something I've been in love with and I'm currently stalking Victoria from InTheFrow on instagram and snapchat to see all her amazing outfits and show experiences. One day I'd love to be invited myself as it truly is the pinnacle of fashion fabulousness! In fact the final nail in the coffin was when my mum announced that her best friend's daughter is working LFW and knows one of the designers... She followed this up by telling me that they probably could have gotten me into a show. Literally what is life. But alas it wasn't meant to be and I'm currently sat at home eyeing up everyone else's photos! 

Do let me know: Have you guys ever been to Fashion Week / would you like to go?



  1. LOVE your outfit! That coat is gorgeous and perfect for the chilly weather we are having atm. It's such a shame the boots are so uncomfortable as they look so lovely too! And I can't believe how close you could have been to being invited to LFW through your mom's friend's daughter!! Oh well, there's always next year right? Great post! xx


    1. Ahhh thank you lovely! I know, I'd hoped they would soften a bit over time but no such luck unfortunately. The leather is really stiff and the buckles on the side just dig into my ankles haha. Oh god, don't even get me started! I was so annoyed hahaha xx


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