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The Lake District - Day 1

As someone who lives and works very close to a busy town, peace and serenity are two things very often sought after. For as long as I can remember my family has vacationed in the Lake District once a year as a way of relaxing, unwinding and leaving our busy lives back in the South. Of course since I've only been blogging eight months I've never really spoken about this before, but now, as I'm sitting in pure tranquility, seemed like a good idea. 

I plan to do a post all about where we stay and ideas for eating out at a later date however today I just wanted to share with you all a few shots from our walk today. Now my family is by no means the super athletic, mountain climbers that seek out the highest heights, yet nonetheless we all love walking holidays. Everything from the views, to the photo opportunities, to the feeling of being in the fresh air is something truly magical - and whilst it was absolutely freezing cold, it was still pretty stunning.

Fashion may not be at the height of everyones importance list whilst on a mountain hike but personally I see no harm in trying. Because it was snowing I ended up pairing waterproof trousers and a jacket together which was totally more for practicality however I'm obsessed with my cable knit headband and sunglasses combo! What can I say?! Bringing a bit of chic to the hillside... 

Because today was our first day, we spend the morning visiting the nearby town to pick up some food and other essentials. Of course with me there no trip anywhere can go without popping into Boots - this time because I'd forgotten to bring any makeup pads with me... However after some lunch we donned our hiking boots and headed out for a short walk. The weather started off promisingly - however by the time we reached the halfway stage the snow started coming down pretty heavily. Of course even though it was absolutely bitter cold, it was so beautiful. 

After our walk we headed back to our house and after a reviving cup of tea and cake my sister and I headed to the onsite pool and sauna. Seriously there is nothing better than soaking in a jacuzzi after walking three or four miles in the freezing cold! 

And that was all for today, I'll be back tomorrow with some more photos from our trip!



  1. Omg how lovely are those views, I'm VERY jealous right now! - Hope you have a lovely holiday!! xxx

    1. Thank you my lovely! <3 and I know, they're so beautiful! Xxx


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