A Chanel Makeup Look For Summer.

If there's one makeup brand I could quite happily live in for the rest of my life, it would be Chanel. For me, it's just the epitome of luxurious cosmetics with everything from the packaging to the product inside usually rating a firm five stars. Which is why, for today's makeup post, I've compiled some of my absolute Chanel favourites into one makeup look, perfect for the warmer months. 

Firstly I did want to point out that my base coat and eyebrows are the only things in this look that aren't Chanel, purely because I don't own products from their foundation or brow range. In fact, I was going to borrow my mum's Aqua Lumiere foundation however she recently used it up and has since moved on to a Clinique one. If you're interested in what products I'm wearing instead, I am, of course using my Body Shop All-In-One Face Base, which if you've been around these parts before, you'll know that it's my holy grail and I'll never stray from it. In terms of my eyebrows, I'm wearing my absolute favourite Anastasia Brow Whiz and Dip Brow Pomade, both in dark brown. But aside from these, everything you see from here on out is by Chanel. 

Let's Talk Eyes...

When it comes to the eye look I'm all about the blending of different tones to create depth and definition and this look is no different. I decided to use a mix of all four colours from my Chanel Quad and a tad of my Illusion D'ombre potted shadow as they are all stunning variation within the grey and purple tones. 

The quad is a recent addition to my collection and one that I've been wearing a few times out over the past couple of weeks. The shades in this palette are so soft and stunning and can be built upon to create not just a soft everyday look as I've done here, but a darker more evening appropriate vibe if you're going out for dinner or on a night out. I've used the deep purple shade as an allover eye colour, worked the pearlescent white colour into my inner corners and as a below brow highlight and then a mixture of the two grey shades as crease colours. I've also worked a tiny bit of the single potted eyeshadow across the centre of my lid to just add some more definition and sparkle. I'm obsessed with this look and whilst I'm usually a nudes kinda gal, I've found that these softer purple tones make my eyes look more blue, when in reality they're definitely on the grey spectrum! 

I'm also using a Chanel eyeliner in this look which isn't - shock horror - a black liquid one! Instead I've opted for this softer blue grey colour in the shade 30 which I've blended along my lower lash line and then gently winged out using a smudging sponge. Usually I'm thoroughly on the side of the dramatic eye however this may have swayed me slightly in the direction of subtlety! 

I am also - of course - wearing my absolute all time favourite Chanel mascara - The Volume De Chanel. For some unknown reason I've never done a post purely dedicated this little gem however if that's something you'd like to see, then feel free to leave me a comment below, because it might be on the cards very soon! The reason I love this mascara so much is because not only is the colour black as night itself it really does make my lashes look their best, and does everything from curling to lengthening to adding much needed volume. There's also absolutely no smudging or excess product fallout throughout the day which some of the big beauty companies really need to start paying attention to. 

Next Up: Blush & Nail Polish

When I first got this blush back in December I wrote an absolutely glowing review which you can read here if you're interested. And even now, six months later (seriously, where is this year going?!) I'm even more obsessed than I originally was back in the day. In fact, I think the soft pink colour, coupled with the iridescent texture of this product is absolutely perfect as park of a soft spring / summer makeup look. As it is, around this time of year I like to put my rose gold blushes back in the box to be reopened around October time and move on to the gentler pastel pinks. 

These blushes are wonderfully pigmented with easily build-able colour, so whether a lightweight or deep pink finish is your thing - Chanel has your back. 


Even though I'm not currently wearing either of these two nail polishes I just wanted to share a couple of my favourites for anyone who's looking for a pretty summer colour. Firstly, the pink shade in 571 Fracas. This is such a delicate and pretty pink shade which I can confirm doesn't have that tacky feel that a lot of rose coloured polishes do. As it's Chanel, it does tend to last quite a while without chipping though, because of the nature of my job, not many nail polishes stay on more than a day or two without seeing some chips. Unfortunately I couldn't find this shade to link and as I've had it for a couple of years it may have been discontinued or at least not available online. 

Secondly, the gorgeous lavender shade 641 Tenderly. This was the one I actually bought my mum for Mother's Day back in March and we've both used and loved it since. It's perfect for those people who prefer a quieter more 'classy' nail colour as it's definitely a muted down purple. For this time of year I think pastels are so beautiful and I would highly recommend Chanel as a nail polish company. 

And Lastly... The Lips

Once again pink lips aren't usually my thing. I have far more reds and nudes in my collection as I believe they suit both my eyes and skin tone better. However recently I've been getting into the pink shades a little more and between this one and my new YSL I've been rocking a rose lip most days. 

One thing I absolutely love about this Chanel lipstick is how perfectly pigmented it is. Coupled with the matching lip liner it really does add a bright pop of colour to this makeup look which is great for summertime - especially if you've got a tan! I wore this to my year 13 prom last year and can vouch for the fact that it stayed in place all night long. Big thumbs up to Chanel lipsticks. 

Thank you guys so much for reading! Please let me know some of your favourite Chanel products in the comments, or if you're not a high end girl, tell me your drugstore dupes! 



  1. you look so pretty and i love your make up kit


  2. These products look so amazing, I'm obsessed with the blush.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

    1. They're all incredible! Thank you for commenting xx

  3. These products look so amazing, I'm obsessed with the blush.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

  4. OMG everything looks absolutely beautiful, including yourself - the lip colour really really suits you!!
    - aaah Chanel is so fancy its amazing! xxx

    1. Ohhh stopppp ;) haha Chanel is so fancy, (and expensive *cries*) I love it! And thank you!! xxx


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