5 High End Beauty Products Worth The Splurge.

Good morning everyone! Now I think it's no secret that I'm a huge lover of high end beauty. It's something that I love to spend my money on, trying and testing out new brands, formulas and products, all of which, undoubtably end up here on the blog. However I'm also fully aware that not everyone has either the means or the inclination to spend their hard earned cash on a product that might not necessarily be any good. So for today's post, I've compiled five of my absolute favourite high end beauty products right here, with the hope that if you're looking to spend a little bit more on some absolute stunners, you might find a little inspiration. 


1 - Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster


This is a product I talked about extensively in my How To Achieve The Perfect Fake Tan post. It's a gorgeous body oil that you mix with any moisturiser of your choice and spread generously over your legs and arms to create a natural yet glowing bronzed look. Personally I can easily say that this is the best false tan I've ever used as it's near on impossible to get uneven tone and / or streaks. Each bottle is 30ml which I would say would last pretty much an entire summer as both my mum and I used it intermittently last year and she's still got a third of that same bottle left over. 

Who would I recommend this for most? Anyone who'd love their skin to have a golden glow without the palaver of applying mousse or spray tans. 

Because you can use this with any moisturiser it's such a lovely versatile product that due to it's small size can be brought on holiday without taking up too much space. I know that I for one will be using this prior to my trip to Greece in July as I'm terrible at lying out in the sun!


2 - Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser 


I've spoken of my love for Liz Earle skincare in countless blog posts over the last year so it didn't seem right to miss them out of an article dedicated to my absolute favourites. When choosing the product I would gush about it was a close tie between this one and the beloved Clean & Polish however, if forced to pick between them, I don't think I could live without this moisturiser. One thing I did want to add is that I'm aware I have the one aimed at drier skin which doesn't make a lot of sense since I constantly go on about how oily I am, however when I bought this back at the end of January (yes it's literally lasted that long!) I was suffering from some dry areas. However I do think that when this one runs out, I'll buy the oily / combination version and see if that helps my skin at all. 

As I just briefly touched upon I've had this product for over five months and it's only just beginning to run out. This is absolutely amazing and such good value for money, and I would highly, highly recommend trying Liz Earle if you haven't already.


3 - Chanel Volume de Chanel Mascara


Ahh here we have it: another product I've raved countless times about here on lilyolivia.co.uk. This mascara was actually a present I first received from my uncle back in May 2015 for my eighteenth birthday, however since then, I've been through three more tubes and sworn utter obsession. Never have I used a mascara that creates such glamorous length and volume without clumping or falling throughout the day. Even similar brands like LancĂ´me and Benefit don't come close in my humble opinion. 

The only thing I would perhaps mention is that the brush does take some getting used to. It has very small bristles that are unlike the larger, fluffier brushes of some brands and also completely different to the sticky-out plastic ones like the Benefit They're Real. However I've found that with practice they can make your lashes look their absolute best. Again, it's a splurge but a very good one. ;)


4 - Urban Decay NAKED Palette


Ever since I started watching beauty gurus on YouTube back in 2012 this palette has always had huge hype surrounding it. I remember the sheer excitement on girls' faces everywhere when the Naked 3 palette was announced, followed by the Naked Smoky palette just last year. As their name suggests they compile a great selection of wonderfully pigmented nude shades in a range of both shimmery and matte tones to create a truly fantastic palette.

The reason why I selected this one above the other three is because I think this still holds it's own as the most versatile - coupling both warm browns and soft pinks. Naked 2 is a lot more cooler in tone which whilst it works on my pale skin, might not for those of you blessed with a little colour. As for the Naked 3, it's mostly rose golds which are beautiful but not as natural as a gentle brown.

Nonetheless, the quality of these eyeshadows is absolute beyond, and even if you're not willing to fork out the £38, you could still try the Naked Basics which is a lot more reasonably priced at £22, yet still comes with a great range. I don't actually own either of the small palettes but I'm looking into getting one for travelling - unfortunately a humongous eyeshadow palette isn't that practical!


5 - Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick Eyeliner


When it comes down to eyeliner, I like it to be kept simple: a nice, strong, jet black wing, that won't fade or run throughout the day. If possible, ease of application is also pretty high up on the list of things I look for, so when I found this beauty by Charlotte Tilbury I knew I just had to try it. Because it's in a pen form it's simpler to control than a gel or liquid brush which helps when trying to even out your wings. 

I actually didn't take to this product too much when I first reviewed it, however after a few more weeks persevering (I wasn't about to waste that money!) I fell head over heels for the simplicity and quality and now I couldn't imagine my beauty bag without it. 

Please, please let me know your absolute favourite beauty buys - be it high end or drugstore - as I'm always looking to *invest* my money!



  1. The Urban Decay Naked Palette is one I've been seeing everywhere for what seems like forever and I've never actually gotten around to getting it...I guess I'll have to change that now :) Thanks for the great post, girl!

    Shenga | www.iamshenga.com

    1. Thank you for commenting! Yes oh my gosh yes you need it! It's amazing! Honestly one the most hyped about palettes and certainly for good reason <3 xx

  2. i love the look of the Naked palette! all of these products sound amazing:) x


  3. Hi Lily, I have to agree with you. The Urban Decay Naked palette is brilliant! I highly recommend the Naked 2 one. In my opinion, it's the best one out.
    Lots of love,
    Gara. xx
    PS: If you want to read my blog: http://thingswedidntdo.squarespace.com/blog/2016/6/3/kiko-milano-lip-liner-collection

    1. Yeah, I do actually have Naked 2 as well as I said in the post, and as much as I love it I prefer the shade range from the original one :) xx

  4. The Naked Palette is hands down my favourite makeup palette, I literally can get SO many make up looks from it! - the Darkhouse shade is actually the one I always use for my eyebrows because its actually the perfect shade, so it just shows how versatile it is. Plus its lasts so long on the eyes, completely worth the money! xxx

    1. YES! It's so incredibly versatile, you can do anything from a basic nude to a HD smoky eye... It's so good!! I agree with you 100% worth the money! xxx

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