Take A Look Closer To Home | Cornwall Day 1.

In a world of Instagram where gorgeous images of glamorous places are a mere click away, it's oh so easy to get caught up with wanderlust. The desire to see the far flung corners of the world encompasses us all even though sometimes beautiful locations are right around the corner... Well, a seven hour car journey but still. 

Over this glorious bank holiday weekend (Can I get an Amen?!) my family and I have driven down to Cornwall on the south west coast of the UK. Coming from someone who lives about as far away from the sea as it's possible to get in England I was certainly looking forward to a few days of relaxing in the countryside. The journey itself was pretty nightmarish - we'd predicted around five and a half hours of travelling - however it soon turned into seven and by the time we arrived, everyone was ready for some food and a good lie down. 

By this point everything was going swimmingly: the restaurant was lovely, the food fantastic and the company second to none. However around about nine of clockish I started to feel really unwell. I'm not sure whether it was something I'd eaten or just because I'd gorged myself on a lot of rich food, but I just didn't feel good. So I ended up going back to the room and having an early night. 

Thankfully by morning I felt a lot better and we headed on down to breakfast ready to sample my personal fave meal of the day. And thank god I did because they had avocado toast and poached egg on the menu. Sign. Me. Up! 

After a lengthy breakfast we donned our hiking boots ready to set out and conquer the coast line. Now if you follow me on snapchat (I'm vlogging @lilyoliviablog add me!) you'll know that I was dressed totally inappropriately in black leggings and a jumper (image above) even though it was disgustingly hot. I'm serious, there were people in bikinis swimming on the beach! 

However all complaining aside the Cornish coast is beautiful. It's crazy to thing we haul ourselves on thirteen hour flights, across oceans and continents, when some of the most beautiful scenery is right on our doorsteps.

After completing our walk we headed back to the hotel feeling very much in need of a cold drink and a cool shower. Thankfully the temperatures began to cool and we got dressed up to go meet some of my parents friends for dinner who happen to live in Falmouth. Unlike last nights crazy fancy meal, we had a simpler gastro-pub style evening coupled with copious glasses of wine. Seriously, I'm writing this at 11pm and frankly I'm not one hundred percent sure it'll all make sense come morning!! 

All in all we had a lovely first day here in Cornwall and I can't wait to bring you guys along with me on some more of our adventures whilst we're here, exploring the south coast! 



  1. OMG LOOK AT THE SCENERY! Looks absolutely beautiful there, I've heard a lot of good stuff about Cornwell - your photography is a class above as always! Great post my darling friend, p.s. I think the photo of the glass of wine is my favourite hahaha!! xxx

    1. Cornwall is absolutely beautiful!! Haha love a cheeky glass of wine ;) Thank you my equally delightful friend <3 xxx

  2. THOSE PICTURES! Such great photography (may I fit in a cheeky ask of what camera do you use?) I've never been to Cornwall but the other half has a few years ago, we plan on going sometime next year but ugh so beautiful!

    Amen to the bank holiday weekend, enjoy it to the fullest! Let us know if you find some good eats! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

    1. Thank you so much! Ahh for these I used my trusty Canon 1100D DSLR and a 18-55mm lens. But if you've got a Canon I'd recommend the 50mm f 1.8 because that is amazing!!!

      Cornwall was absolute gorgeous you definitely have to go! On my latest post I recommended a place called The Watchhouse in St Mawes - definitely worth a trip, food was fab! xx


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