Relaunching lilyolivia.co.uk

This doesn't feel as weird as I was expecting. It's almost been a solid six months since I've done anything blog related, which considering how massive a part of my life this used to be, is strange. And yet, sitting on the sofa editing photos, it feels like six days not six months. So if you're new and somehow stumbled upon my corner of the internet, welcome, and if you've suddenly remembered who I was, welcome back! I've missed you. 

I can't remember the exact reason why I decided I wanted to start blogging again. I feel like I've changed quite a bit in the past year and whilst some of those changes were going on, documenting it all on my blog wasn't at the forefront of my mind. However now I've finished my uni exams for the year and have the whole summer (aside form work) with not a lot on the agenda I thought now was the perfect time to reinvest some time and money in lilyolivia starting with a new theme. 

So in case you hadn't noticed, my blog has had a massive makeover. I'd had the same theme for about a year and a half and whilst it was gorgeous, I was in the mood for something a little different. And of course when it comes to blog themes theres no better place to look than Pipdig. I knew roughly what I wanted, something with a sliding header, that was image heavy, with easy to use navigation, and whilst I ended up paying something that makes my bank balance cry, I'm so unbelievably happy with the result. 

So whats gonna change? 

Well, for the most part it's going to stay the same as what it is. Documenting beauty, fashion, travel and day trips is what I most enjoy and find the most rewarding, so I imagine my focus will stay mostly on that. Of course I'm always striving to up the quality of photography and editorials however in terms of the content those of you who used to read my blog and have stuck around will be please to know that it's not changing. However I would also like to incorporate more into the lifestyle section of my blog. Recipes, tips on university life and my newfound obsession for Paramore definitely deserve their own place on my site. 

Of course, at this point I do want to say that I'm eternally grateful for anyone who's still reading. Six months is a long time to go without posting and there are thousands of amazing blog out there. So if you're still here, thank you, it really does mean a lot to me and I'm hoping I'll be able to stick to a regular schedule again as I feel like I've finally found my feet at university. 

I also wanted to give a quick shoutout to firstly: my amazing blogger bestie Lisa who's never failed to support me both with my blogging endeavours and real life woes. It's partly due to her insane enthusiasm that I'm writing this post. And secondly, my IRL best friend Ruth who not only has just started her own blog, but is honestly my best friend in all the world. I don't know what I'd do without her. 

So that's that. I've thrown myself over the edge and I'm back again, hopefully better than ever! My normal style of post will be back in the next couple of days and I'm super excited to share a whole range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle with y'all! 

So thank you for reading, there will be a new post up soon <3


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