Worth The Hype: The Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection.

I remember when the Bold Metals Collection was first launched. It was like the glamorous older sister to the standard Real Techniques brushes and ever blogger and beauty lover in sight seemed to be clamouring to get their hands on some, me included. I actually bought the flat contour brushed and loved it, gushing about it in this post, but since then I never repurchased anymore. I'm not sure why, they're reasonably priced in comparison to MAC and the likes but for some reason didn't find themselves in my makeup bag. Until now that is. 

If you don't follow me on Twitter you might not know but May 12th was my birthday. I spent it at uni with my best friends and my boyfriend which whilst being wonderful meant I didn't get to see my family until about a week later. But when I did my lovely uncle gifted this set to me which I was firstly very shocked and secondly super excited to try out. It consists of the seven Bold Metals makeup brushes: two eyeshadow, one flat angle liner, a powder, the flat contour brush I already had, a rounded bronzer or blush brush and one triangle foundation. 

Firstly I'm going to give an overview of these brushes and then I'll go into more detail of each one individually. Of course if you have any questions leave them in the comments and as ever I'll do my best to get back to you with an answer!

In Detail...

Each brush is made of incredibly soft synthetic bristles and between the seven I think you could create a whole makeup look. If you're looking for a great starter kit, whilst this does come with a slightly hefty price tag, personally I believe you pay for quality and especially something that comes into direct contact with your skin, I think it's worth it. 

Firstly I'm going to start with the two rose gold brushes; the flat contour and the tapered highlight / blush brush. I'm probably most qualified to go in with the contour as I've had it for over a year and used it to contour my cheeks pretty much whenever I go out. Therefore I can say with some confidence, for me at least, it's very good. The highlight on the other hand was completely new to me, as was the rest of this collection. To be honest when I'm highlighting I tend to go for a large fluffy brush and kind of dab it on but I found this was probably a better method as it gave me more control over where the sparkles ended up. 

Now onto eyeshadow! Why are we all so addicted to eyeshadow brushes?! I think I probably have way too many however as with most things makeup related, one can never be over prepared with brushes. Within this set there are two eyeshadow brushes and one flat angle liner with the latter in my personal opinion being a tad too thin to fill your eyebrows in with. It would be better suited to the likes of a gel or liquid liner as the pay off would be extremely slim. Now of all the brushes this is the only one I havent tried yet as I don't have any liquid eye products that come in a pot and I can tell just by looking that it probably won't work on my brows. 

 I don't have a huge amount to say in regards to the eyeshadow brushes, merely that they blend perfectly and the smaller one is probably my favourite of the two. However saying that, for a brow bone highlight, the larger fluffy one holds product very well. 

And lastly the two main face brushes. Of the whole collection I was probably most excited to try the triangular foundation brush. I've never owned anything like it and the concept drew me in straight away. Firstly I found it a bit of a shift from using my usual buffing brush as it collected more product in a less even way. However once I'd sorted out technique and gone for a 'less is more' approach things started kicking off. 

Would I replace my usual brush? Probably not. However the unusual shape of this definitely helps when trying to negotiate the nose and other contoured areas of the face however I'm not a huge fan of flat foundation brushes period, so this was never going to be a winner for me. 

Finally we come to the powder brush. Anyone who's read my blog before may know I'm a huge lover and advocate for powder foundations so this brush was bound to be the make or break. And I have to say I was impressed. Some powder brushes tend to be almost flimsy due to the length of volume of the bristles however possibly due to the structure of the synthetic fibres it held product very well. In fact if you were going to buy a single product from this post I would recommend this one. 

So that's been my thoughts on the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection, let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these brushes or if you would look into getting some!



  1. I totally agree! They really are worth the hype :)

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    1. They really are! Thanks for commenting! xx

  2. So good to hear your thoughts, I must admit I love how they look too! x


    1. Thank you lovely! They're so beautiful aren't they xx

  3. These photos are so summery, love it!! I've had 2 bold metals brushes, the silver eyeshadow brush which I used for concealer and the rose gold blush brush. The silver brush I LOVE, its still going strong since I bought it last year and its the perfect size BUT the blush brush I had to throw in the bin ( I know, heartbreaking!!) I kid you not, I must have had it a couple of months and nearly ALL the bristles came out in chunks! - I don't know whether I just had a dodgy batch but it was as if the glue wasn't strong enough haha! I really do love the brushes just am gutted about my rose gold blush brush because it was so pretty </3 (sorry that was a bit of a long winded story HAHA!) - Great post though Lily, aaaaas always! xxx


    1. Oh my god thats so bad! I'll have to let you know how I get on with mine, but that's so bad?! They're not exactly cheap are they?!! Thankssss lovely <3 xxx


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