How Lizinna (The Pill) Affected My Skin.

I wanted to start this post by saying that in no means am I doctor and therefore my advice should not be taken verbatim. This post is purely talking about what's worked for me and my personal experiences using the contraceptive pill. 

When it comes to acne I like many others presumed that by the time I'd turned 20 my hormones would have sorted themselves out and I'd be left with clear skin. I wish. I actually made a post about a year and a half ago talking about how I'd achieved clear skin and at that point I thought I was done with all my teenage acne problems. However since moving to university back in September my skin took a turn for the worse. I've never had horrendous acne but for some reason I was getting these awful hormonal breakouts, mostly on my cheeks which was new since I'd never suffered with spots there before. This coupled with the fact that my skin scars very easily made me incredibly self conscious of the way I looked. As soon as I got a spot I knew it would be raised and ugly for about three days and then a further three to four weeks before the redness and pigmentation faded entirely. And honestly it's so frustrating. I don't want to wear foundation everyday - and I don't - but it still makes me so self conscious. 

So around three months ago I started looking into going on The Pill. I'd done some research and stats such as 90% of people have clear skin after being on The Pill for three months, were making it a very attractive proposition for me. However like everyone else I saw the warnings: You'll gain weight, it can make you depressed and by far the worst: it raises your risk of getting a blood clot. 

Now I'm an over thinker and spent quite a while worrying about whether or not I was going to balloon in weight, get a blood clot and die. Of course theres also the delight that some people find it makes their acne even worse. Fantastic.   

However around about February time I decided I was going to go for it. I told my mum, she was on board, I discussed it with my friends and before I knew it I'd phoned the doctors and made an appointment. Right about now it's probably a good time to mention that you don't need to see a doctor. I only saw the nurse and she was amazing, plus it's a lot easier to get an appointment with a nurse than it is a doctor. 

But back to the appointment. I wasn't really that nervous, I kind of knew the gist of what they'd ask: Why do you want to go on it, have you got any history of blood clots in the family, etc etc. It went pretty quickly, she weighed me and took my blood pressure and then asked a few questions. To be honest I'm pretty sure I had some skanky hickey on my neck so she was probably desperate to throw contraception at me. (Classy as ever Lily.) One thing I would say is that if you're going on The Pill mainly for your skin tell your doctor or nurse this because the tablet she ended up putting me on has a higher level of oestrogen than the average Pill which apparently would help with my skin more. (She also told me it would make my boobs grow and I was like "Sign me the f*ck up" and that was that.)

So Did It Work?

I'm currently about two and a half months in and just about to have my follow up appointment. I can say firmly that it's definitely helped. I rarely get horrendous breakouts anymore just the occasional spot here and there due to chocolate and wine more than anything. However obviously it hasn't helped with my pigmentation and I'm thinking about looking into some new skincare products to aid that. So if anyone has any recommendations then I'm listening!! For me the deciding factor is that I can easily go without makeup around my boyfriend without feeling like my skin looks rank, and for someone who's never been without makeup in public in years that's kinda a big deal. 

I also briefly wanted to touch on side effects and the like. As of yet I've been very lucky and I don't think I've had many if any. My boobs have grown a tiny bit but thats not saying much since they didn't exist to begin with. I don't have nausea, vomiting, more acne, weight gain (touch wood) or any signs of a blood clot as of yet. I can't really comment on period pain since mine were never painful to begin with, but it certainly helps being able to skip one if ya fancy it.

So would I recommend it? Yes, is the simple answer. I have no plans of stopping taking it anytime soon as so far it's only done good things for me. Obviously everyone's experience is different but if your skin suffers from hormonal acne then it's certainly something that I think you should consider.

Also for anyone wondering the name of the pill brand that I'm on is Lizinna. 

Let me know in the comments how you've found being on The Pill or if you're not, is it something you'd consider? Thanks for reading loves xx



  1. I went on the Pill when I was 16 purely for my acne because it was so horrendous and its definitely what got rid of it, like I used to be covered all over my face and even on shoulders - naaat good! Best decision I made to be honest, like I still get the odd spot but generally my face is clear!! Xxx


    1. My acne has never been horrendous but even so it still impacts your self esteem so much! Yeah my skin is mostly clear too, so happy! xxx

  2. I wouldn't really say the pill helped with my spots. I got the odd one or two beforehand and I still do now, I suppose I'be never really 'suffered from acne' but I know some friends it made it 10x worse. I suppose everyone's different though aren't they. I'm so glad it helped you though! xx

    1. I feel like it mostly helps if your spots were hormonal which mine were, you're so lucky you've only ever had the odd one or two, I'm so jealous! xx

  3. I'm sadly having the opposite issue at the moment. After a long while taking the pill I decided to take a break and now my skin is going through a rough patch. Trying to work through it but I am so nearly ready to cave.

    Holly x

    1. That's what I'm scared off tbh, obviously I don't want to be on it forever but I don't want to get break outs again. It's so heartbreaking isn't it xx


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