The TMI Tag!

Personally, as a blogger I love nothing more than reading random facts about my fellow internet lovers. I mean, call me nosy but I just find it so fun learning more about the person behind the blog! So today I've decided that even though I wasn't tagged to do this post, I'm going to do it anyway, and share some interesting things with my little slice of the internet. Enjoy loves. 

1 - What Are You Wearing?

So today, since the sun is kind of shining, I'm sporting this gorgeous monochrome Zara top. I bought it about a year ago so unfortunately I don't think it's available on the website anymore. It's super flattering for all us small chested girlies as the neckline is really high and you can't tell from the photos but it also has pretty deep underarms as well, meaning it looks really pretty with a brightly colour bralette. I'm also wearing my signature Hollister skinny jeans in the traditional blue wash denim. 

2 - Ever Been In Love?

Ew. This question makes me feel super uncomfortable because I have been in love once before in my life and can honestly say it wasn't a great experience. Long story short, I felt like he played with my feelings a lot and since we were never actually going out, I definitely felt strung along. We have a tenuous friendship now but to be honest I find it awkward whenever I have to see him. 

3 - Ever Had a Terrible Breakup?

Not really. I've only ever been in a sort-of-relationship (different person to the one mentioned above) and can safely say that I was never in love with him. We only dated for about two months when I was sixteen / seventeen before he 'broke up' with me "ohh Lily I can't see you anymore I have too much exam pressure on me!" Pffft yeah right, okay mate. But then I made the mistake of going out with him again the following year - still wasn't in love, don't really know what I was thinking - but I soon realised that we literally had nothing in common and he even admitted he wasn't emotionally invested in our 'relationship', so guess what? I dumped his ass. Lol. 

4 - How Tall Are You?

I'm 5"5.

5 - How Much Do You Weigh? 

I've always been pretty slim and currently weight about 7 stone 7 or 105 pounds. 

6 - Any Tattoos?

No! I really love tattoos on other people, just not on myself. I've toyed with the idea of getting the quote 'we're all just stories in the end' tattooed across my left rib, but I hate how they fade and go blue / green. I also kind of want the outline of a heart on my ankle, but again I wouldn't want it to fade.

7 - Any Piercings?

Yes, so I have both my lobes pierced and a helix piercing in my upper left ear. I really want more ear piercings but I've had trouble getting my cartilage to heal, so it's kind of putting me off at the moment. I've also always wanted a belly button piercing but I'm afraid that my body would reject it or it would get infected or something. But I think they're super cute and I'll probably end up getting one anyway!

8 - OTP?

Guyssss this question is like crack for me. I'm such a fangirl / inner nerd, you have no idea. My all time OTP is definitely Malec, from The Mortal Instruments / Shadowhunters but I'm also obsessed with Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl, Delena from The Vampire Diaries. I could rant and rave about the perfection of these couples but I'm not going to. Today. ;)

9 - Favourite Show?

This varies depending on what's on at the minute. Right now I'm in a mourning period because Shadowhunters has just finished and that's definitely my fave but I've also been loving The Durells on ITV, Grantchester again on ITV and Gossip Girl. 

10 - Favourite Band?

To be honest I don't really listen to a lot of bands so I'll just answer this as favourite singers. At the minute I'm totally obsessed with anything by Ruelle (War of Hearts is just too much) and Fleurie (listen to Wildwood and Fire In My Bones, you will regret nothing!) I also love the song When We Were Young by Adele. 

11 - Something You Miss?

I definitely miss being at school and constantly being surrounded by friends. Since leaving school I feel like we've all started living these separate lives and we don't necessarily have a lot in common anymore. Whenever I do see them, we always have fun and it's nice but it's just not the same. I'm super looking forward to starting uni for I can meet more like minded people, especially if any of them are also bloggers! 

12 - Favourite Song?

If we're talking all time favourite song then it's 'wherever you will go' but the Charlene Soraia version. I don't know, that song has always just resonated with me and I think it's an absolutely beautiful cover. However right now I'm loving Wildwood by Fleurie. 

13 - How Old Are You?

I'm 18 but I turn 19 on May 12th which is kind of scary, like I feel as though I'm getting old! (Is it too early to start anti ageing treatments?!) ;)

14 - Zodiac Sign?

I'm a Taurus <3

15 - Quality You Look For In A Partner?

Honesty and kindness. If you don't want to be with me I'd rather you told me than pretended to like me and then talked crap behind my back. And I think kindness goes without saying. I just love those who are genuine and don't say things because it's what is expected off of them.

16 - Favourite Quote?

"We're All Just Stories In The End"

I think this quote is so beautiful and it reminds me that we don't have long on this planet and we should always strive to leave our mark.

17 - Favourite Actor?

Hmm if we're going on pure aesthetic then Matthew Daddario (I mean he's a pretty talented actor as well, but he's also remarkably gorgeous!) but I've always had a bit of a thing for Daniel Radcliffe too DON'T JUDGE ME! 

18 - Favourite Colour?

Can I pick two? Black and White for sure!

19 - Loud Music or Soft?

Soft in 99% of all occasions. If you know anything about me you'll know that I absolutely detest going out to clubs etc and part of it (aside from the general skankiness) is how goddamn loud everything is. Like I'd like to leave with at least some eardrum left please! The only occasion when I like loud music is when I'm driving haha

20 - Where Do You Go When You're Sad/

My bed. I'm a very private person in real life and struggle with telling anyone the source of my problems. However I've come to find that over the years a good nights sleep can make most things feel a lot better.

21 - How Long Does it Take You To Shower?

It varies, if I'm just having a quick body rinse then max like 5 minutes. But if I'm washing my hair, shaving my legs and doing an in-shower tan then like 15 minutes. However I can't stay longer than that because I get all hot and bothered haha

22 - How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready?

So from the moment I leave my bed to the second I exit the door it takes 45 minutes. I used to be able to do it in 30 when I had school - which included breakfast, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed and a full face of makeup, but since I don't have to leave quite so early anymore, I've relaxed out and given myself a bit longer. 

23 - Ever Been in a Physical Fight?

Noooo, I'd die lol.

24 - Turn On?

Someone who genuinely cares about how you feel and your opinion and interests. Also if we're being aesthetic and vain here then I'm a sucker for slightly curly dark hair and glasses. 

25 - Turn Off?

Arrogance is the big one. Also someone who's afraid to be with you in public. Like honey, if you're ashamed of this then I want nothing to do with you! Like if he's embarrassed to introduce you to his mates or his parents then please leave by the nearest exit. Ain't nobody got time for f*ckboys, am I right ladies?!

26 - The Reason I Started Blogging?

I'd spent years and years watching Youtube and loving the way people created content just chatting about their favourite beauty products, books etc. In the back of my mind I'd always considered starting a channel but the complications of A-Levels and lack of confidence got in the way, so I pushed the idea to the back of my mind. However after finishing my A Levels I had three months off before I went to uni (which didn't even end up happening lol) and I decided to just bite the bullet and start a blog. It was less scary than YouTube and I'm so happy I did it! Sometimes I consider starting a vlogging channel and maybe it's something I'll do a bit later down the line. 

27 - Fears?

Ohh this is an interesting one. Because I am afraid of the usual things like spiders and wasps but my real life fears are slightly less easy to classify. I'm definitely claustrophobic. I hate being in lifts / elevators especially if they're not glass and you can't see out. When I was little I used to hate being in cars by myself because I felt like I was caged in, which is totally irrational but too this day (unless I'm driving obviously) I won't shut my car door until the other person has closed theirs. I don't know, it's weird. 
And in complete constant I'm also afraid of vast expanses of water. I hate canoeing and sailing and even swimming in the ocean to an extent. But what's strange is I absolutely love heights. Being on top of a mountain and looking down or being in a plane is just my absolute favourite!

28 - Last Thing That Made You Cry?

The other day I was PMSing really badly and my sister made some joke about not wanting to touch food I'd eaten (it was a joke obviously and I knew she wasn't being serious) but for some reason it just hit me really hard and I started crying. Lol, cool kid over here. Hahaha. 

29 - Last Time You Said You Loved Someone?

Last night before I went to bed, to both my parents. 

30 - Meaning Behind Your Blogging Name?

Ahhh so many regrets. Well I wanted Life According to Lily, but unfortunately that was already taken so I had to switch Lily to Lili. However I'm currently thinking about buying a domain name and when I do I'm going to change my whole URL to lilyolivia.com which I think fits my blog a little better!

31 - Last Book You Read?

The last book I read was Simon and The Homosapiens Agenda for the third time. I have an unnatural obsession with this book IT'S SO CUTE AND FUNNY AND CUTE AND FABULOUS! I've reviewed it here and I would highly recommend as it's taken it's official place as my favourite contemporary ever!

32 - The Book You're Currently Reading?

I'm currently reading The Wrath and The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh. It's a fantasy book based off of Arabian Nights about a king who marries a different bride each night only to have her murdered at dawn. It's really interesting and full of mystery and intrigue! Watch this space for a review coming shortly.

33 - Last Show You Watched?

It would have been Gossip Girl but I did catch a few minutes of that BBC2 show about The Portland Hospital last night. Seriously, if I ever have a baby, that's where I'm going to have it! 

34 - Last Person You Talked To?

My dad who informed me he was just popping out to B&Q!

35 - The Relationship Between You & The Last Person you Texted?

That would be my granddad. I just asked him if it was still okay that I came round to his house this afternoon and he said it was. 

36 - Favourite Food?

Oh my god this is a hard question - I'm such a foodie! I love fried breakfast, eggs with avocado, goats cheese ravioli in tomato sauce, the honeycomb cream slice desert at Pizza Express, lemon drizzle cake, lemon meringue pie and oddly enough: kiwis! 

37 - Place You Want To Visit?

There are so many! LA, New York, Iceland and The Maldives top the list at the minute. 

38 - Last Place You Were?

If this means travel-wise the The Lake District back in February, but generally the last place I was was the bathroom haha 

39 - Do You Have A Crush?

Yeah, he's called Matthew Daddario and he's perfect ;) Seriously though look at how perfect he is?! But in real life, nope. I genuinely do not. 

40 - Last Time You Kissed Someone?

Actually a really long time ago. To be honest I'm not the sort of girl who enjoys getting with random strangers, I have to be attracted to someone (usually their personality) before I even consider wanting to kiss them. Unfortunately I haven't found anyone of late who fills out that criteria!

41 - Last Time You Were Insulted?

Probably yesterday, probably by my sister. 

42 - Favourite Flavour of Sweet?

Blackcurrant or strawberry I think! Though I'm a sucker for a lemon sherbet!

43 - What Instruments Do You Play?

I currently don't play any, but I did get to grade 5 on the piano and would like to think I can whip out the out tune or two. When I was younger I played violin but honestly that was terrible and shall not be relived! 

44 - Favourite Piece of Jewellery?

I have two: firstly my Tiffany pendant which I got for Christmas in 2014. It's so beautiful and it was my first piece of really nice jewellery so it's special to me. Of course the fact that it's Tiffany helps the case ;)

I also have a diamond and ruby ring which you might have seen in some of my outfit posts. It belonged to my nan and after she passed away she left it to me, so in that respect it's very special.

45 - Last Sport You Played?

Lol I don't play sport. I have absolutely no hand eye coordination and can't run to save my life. But I do do dance so if that counts (it totally does) the last sport I played was dancing! 

46 - Last Song You Sang? 

Would have been Big Guns by Ruelle as I washed my hair last night!!

47 - Favourite Chat Up Line?

"Are you from Tennessee, because you're the only ten, I see"

It's so cheesy and if anyone ever used it me I wouldn't be impressed, but I enjoy a good word pun as much as the next girl! 

48 - Have You Ever Used It?

Looooool no.

49 - Last Time You Hung Out With Anyone?

Does my cat count? 

Well, since all of my friends are either at uni or half way around the world, it was probably like three weeks ago? Wow, that makes me sound so boring oh my gosh. 

50 - Who Should Answer These Questions Next?

I think the lovely Lisa and the equally delightful Caroline should answer these next!


Okay everyone that concludes this post! Hope you feel like you know lot's of random facts about me now! Even if I didn't tag you, I'd love to read you TMI tag posts so be sure to link me to them in the comments!



  1. It was great getting to know you - love tags like these

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Love these tags, im such a nosey person so I love to find out your dad just told you he is off to B&Q HAHAHA, but seriously im going to definitely do this tag, its in my blog schedule!! xxxx

    1. I live an exciting life ;) you should! It's a really fun one, all the questions are really interesting xxxx

  3. (Oh god why did I put 'blog schedule', Its literally a list with four blog posts ive come up with last week!! Hahahah)

    1. Hahaha for a second there you sounded v professional! ;) (I don't have a blog schedule either lol, I have a list of like 3 things on my phone

  4. This was so much fun to read! I love the way you write as how you'd talk if that makes since! I get insulted by my sister all the time! YOUR CRUSH, is gorgeous!

    1. Isn't he?! Oh my gosh haha!! And thank you! I hope that's a good thing haha :) xx

  5. i love reading tags! it was nice getting to know you better:) xx



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