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Good morning everyone and welcome to a very sunny Sunday! So today's post may or may not sound like the worlds biggest self promotion but I've come to the conclusion that I own wayyyy to many social media accounts which got me thinking: Why? How am I using Pinterest differently from Tumblr and why for the love of god do people keep unfollowing me on Instagram?! So I thought I'd share what I have and why I have it and why I probably don't need it

* Quick Disclaimer - You're under no obligation to follow me, but if you do, I follow back! *


1 - Twitter

Arguably the most popular of my social media accounts, I would say I barely go a day without tweeting something! Back when I first started blogging I didn't have a public twitter (only a private one where I followed people I actually knew in real life) and therefore nowhere to really interact with any of the blogging community. I believe I started this account back in July (?) and maybe lingered around like 10 followers for a couple of months because I never used it. However after a while I got into the swing of things and can honestly say I'm really glad I did because I've met some fabulous people via twitter *cough* Lisa *cough* and it's definitely a great way to get your blog out there. 

You can follow me on Twitter @livinglikelili


2 - Instagram 

Now I have a bit of a funny relationship with Instagram. For some reason I literally find it impossible to gain followers. Likes and comments aren't really a problem but it seems no one will follow me?! I mean of course there are much cuter feeds out there but I look at my pictures and they're pretty cute?! But whenever someone follows me, I usually follow them back (because manners) and then I seem to drop like 10 followers in the coming hours?! Like I just don't get it. I've been hovering around the 100 mark for agessss now because people just. keep. unfollowing. me. It's so frustrating I can't even. 

On the positive side I love Instagram as a place for displaying all kinds of fun photos be it travel or beauty or whatever. Definitely leave me your links because I need to follow more bloggers and less celebrities.

You can follow me on Instagram @lifeaccordingtolili 


3 - Pinterest

Raise your hands if you're a Pinterest addict!! I imagine I'm not alone because this website is an Aladdin's Cave of addiction. To be honest at the minute I mainly use Pinterest for inspo for the book I'm writing and unfortunately all my boards are on private for that. But never mind because I'm also obsessed with pinning fashion and food and quotes, all of which are on public. I should probably also add that I do have a few obscure boards from back in the art A-level days because my teacher was literally obsessed with us creating 'Pinspiration' boards (oh you think I'm joking) and using them as the basis for art research. If you don't have Pinterest I would highly recommend it, it's like google images but better.

You can follow me on Pinterest @lily97 


4 - Tumblr: LilyWritesBooks

Ahh shoutout to the newest member of the Lily Olivia social media clan. You might be aware (especially if you follow me on twitter) than I'm currently writing my first novel *does celebratory dance* and to stop myself spamming you lovely lot, I decided to make an entire Tumblr account dedicated to the thing. I've spoken about my obsession with fiction writing once before on my blog (here, in fact) and I can sense an update post coming soon. Even though it's barely into it's first day of existence I plan on filling my Tumblr with all things book related. Feel free to come along for the ride!

You can follow my journey on Tumblr @lilywritesbooks 


5 - Tumblr: GlitzyGlamGirl

If books aren't your think, fear not! I also have another Tumblr account (I'm face palming so bad right now guys) which is more just about pretty pictures. This is definitely less of a personal account and I tend to use it more sporadically than any of my other social medias. Feel free to hit me up with questions or a follow or whatever. 

You can find me on Tumblr (again) @glitzyglamgirl 


Okay, thank you for reading! I realise this was kinda a shameless self promotion (please don't hate me y'all) but sometimes you just gotta do it?! 



  1. Its true, I have another Twitter account were I have people I know in real life on and to be honest wouldn't even dare put anything about my blog on it (because I really don't want people I went to school with straight up judging me like they would!!) - My Twitter is my blog Twitter and I'm the same I don't go a day without going on it! - Its weird to think if we didn't have Twitter we wouldn't have met each other (now that's a actual heart-breaking thought) THANKS TWITTER! btw I'm going to follow you on Pinterest now #BloggingFriendshipSupport :D xxx

    1. I literally don't even use my other Twitter anymore... Oops! And for sure people would judge me too! Even my friends I think, which is kinda bad?! And thanks for following me, I followed you too!! <3 #cute
      YESS THANKS TWITTER!! :) xxx

  2. I really want to get into Pinterest but I haven't even gotten around to creating an account yet!

    I know what you mean with Instagram, people just unfollow all the time and I think it's just one of those things that happens to everyone, it's just if you have millions of followers you'd probably never notice. Maybe try utilising hashtags to get some more followers?


    1. Oh I use loads of hashtags which is how I get my likes! As in I'm probably averaging about 40 likes per image but I only have about 100 followers?! Yeah it's just such a shame because I feel like no one likes my feed haha


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