Makeup Picks for Spring: Lips & Nails

Good morning everyone! So if you read my last post you'll know I did a wee bit of shopping last week and naturally I couldn't go without a quick trip to Boots. And if you know me, you'll know that I'm a nail polish fiend. I just counted and realised (with some trepidation) that I'm the proud owner of 16 Essie nail polishes... And they're not exactly cheap y'all. 

But as spring is here I wanted to share some of my favourite nails colours so if you're looking for any inspo hopefully this might help!

Okay so first up is Essie Fiji. I have this on my nails right now and I'm obsessed! This one has had such a massive hype surrounding it for years and years now, and to be honest I never really got it. I mean, it's a baby pink and I reckon I own like a gazillion baby pink varnishes. But there's just something unique and gorgeous about this colour, I can't put a finger on it exactly, but I'm in love. Personally I think light pink nails have a tendency to look a little chavvy sometimes but not this one! Throughly obsessed, would highly recommend. 

Okay so next up is another new addition to my collection. I haven't actually worn it yet so can't say much for pigmentation or formula, but since it's Essie I'd bet it's pretty darn fabulous! Unfortunately I think it comes up a little more green in the image than in real life (it's more grey toned) but this is a lovely alternative to a nude or a brown colour. This is in the shade Maximillian Strasse Her.

And lastly is Cocktail Bling, once again by Essie. If you can't tell they're my all time favourite brand, so hit me up with colour recommendations! This is a fantastic year round colour, especially if you're not into super bright nails. It's slightly blue tinted and in general so brilliant, I just can't recommend this brand enough.

For lips I'm a huge fan of the neutrals at the minute. I actually have a full review of this lipstick up, (which I'll link here) it's from the Tom Ford Lips and Boys collection and it's in the shade 'Colin'. Dare I say it but I'm actually been reaching for this more often than my MAC See Sheer recently. If you're looking for luxury and fantastic quality, Tom Ford is where you need to be!

Thanks for reading my loves, I'll be back in a couple of days! Do let me know what your Spring staples are.



  1. TOM FORD AAH *HEART EYES*- I laughed a little that its called 'Colin' though, isn't the most glamourous of shade names when you think the Essie one is Maxamillian Strasse Her!!- each one of the Essie shades are ones Ive heared about and would seem beautiful on the nails, good choice guuuurl! xxx

    1. Hahaha I know!! It's very un-Tom-Ford! And thank you my lovely! Xxx


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