3 Pink Lipsticks For Summer.

I think it's become pretty much a standard for everyone to bring out the bright lipsticks once June and July roll around. There's just something so perfect and summery about a bronzed makeup look coupled with a bright fuchsia lip and today I'm going to show you three of my current favourites. One's drugstore, one's in between and one is high end, so there's something for everyone's taste. 

I never used to be that into pink toned lip products; preferring to stick with my trusty reds and corals, however in the past year or so I've really tried to expand my makeup collection and with it have come some new additions to my lipsticks. On the far left is the high end choice - a gorgeous, silky, incredibly moisturising soft coral pink from YSL. In the middle: the drugstore. The Maybelline Color Sensational has been around years and yet they're still killing it with fabulous colour pigmentation and a great shade range. If you're yet to try anything from this section I would highly recommend it as a drugstore alternative to some of the more expensive brands on the market. 

High End - YSL Rouge VolumpĂ© in 43 - £26.00

I bought this lipstick back at the start of June so it's been a clear favourite in my beauty bag for just over a month now. Not only is the packaging absolute stunning - YSL always kills the packaging game - the formula is so lovely and soft on my lips it's almost like wearing a heavily tinted lip balm. If you're looking for something a little subtler, maybe to wear out for lunch or on the beach then I'd definitely recommend this. 

In the image above I've built up pigmentation by adding several layers however if you want a sheer, more iridescent quality then that easily achieved as well. The only thing I would say about this product is that due to the light texture, it really does come off quite easily if you're eating etc, so must be reapplied fairly regularly. Aside from that I believe YSL is a great choice for a perfect summer pink! 

2 - No7 Stay Perfect in 'Classic Rose' - £9.95

Easily the most pigmented and striking of the three this matte lipstick is one I honestly can't recommend enough. No7 is never really a brand I lean towards however when I received this lippie as a gift with purchase about two years ago I was pleasantly surprised. The formula is so fantastic - blending an incredibly matte finish with a gently moisturising texture - means that it never sticks to the fine lines on your lips, or bleeds above your lip line. I don't ever wear this with lip liner, yet it stays in place all day long. 

I'd probably compare this to the likes of a slightly cheaper MAC lipstick so if you're looking to expand your colour collection and don't want to pay the full price of some high end pieces, this is a fantastic alternative. 

The only thing I don't really like about this product is the packaging. Whilst it's not the worst on the market, and it doesn't feel cheap by any means, it's just very boring and lacklustre. I'm sorry if I like my makeup to look like art!

3 - Maybelline Color Sensational in 'Summer Pink' - £6.99

If I'm completely honest with you, I don't tend to wear a lot of drugstore lipsticks. I just prefer the overall feel and quality of brands such as Chanel and MAC and whilst there are obviously many exciting and lovely brands at the cheaper end of the spectrum, I don't venture there that often. However since Maybelline is a brand I've used and loved for years I thought it only fair to share one of my favourite lipstick shades with you all. 'Summer Pink' is so incredibly metallic and shimmery and looks fabulous with excessive highlighter and tan skin. It's definitely not a 'natural' looking pink - more of an evening shade - but one that I adore nonetheless. I'm definitely going to be taking this away with me on holiday to Greece in a few weeks. 

In terms of the negatives I find this lipstick to be fairly drying, however if you where a lip balm underneath then you're usually good to go. Aside from that, I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging. In terms of aesthetic, it's pretty cute, but it definitely has that 'cheaper' feel to it than some of the others. 

Thank you so much for reading and please let me know some of your favourite lipsticks! I'd also love to know if anyone's got any drugstore recommendations for me, because I need to stop spending so much money on makeup!



  1. I've wanted to get my hands on a YSL Lipstick in forever, they are so luxurious! I love wearing a bright pink lip during the summer, although I do love a matte lipstick, like you said they last longer, I think in the summer time I much prefer using a light sheen coloured lippy! xx


    1. I think they're the most luxe lipstick I own! They're like really heavy, you can feel the quality haha! So do I, I bought that NYX soft matte lip cream in Ibiza that I think you recommended on your blog, and I'm obsessed with it! xxx

  2. I've tried a few of those Maybelline lipsticks and I'm always really impressed with the quality, but now I'm lusting over that YSL one! Love the colour and the packaging too! And the No 7 one looks lovely. It's a brand I always forget about I'm ashamed to say, need to try them out more!

    Love this post, really informative and the pictures are gorgeous!

    Beth x

    1. I ALWAYS forget about No7!! But they're actually surprisingly good quality even if the packaging is a bit boring!! YSL lippies are amazing even if a tad pricy. xxx

  3. I own hardly any lipsticks so I like having a read of reviews and seeing what I should go for. I might try out the No7 one as it sounds like a good product but without the price tag!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes! Definitely! They have an amazing shade range as well! Especially if you go when Boots are giving out the £3 off No7 makeup vouchers (which literally seems to be all the time!) then you can get them for just over £6!! xx

  4. The YSL lipstick packaging is just gorgeous! Out of the colours though, I'd say that the Chanel was my favourite! The price is fairly reasonable too! ❤️

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  5. Ooo! Classic Rose is beautiful. I've always stuck to red, and I'm starting to get into more corals. You've inspired me to give a flirty pink a go! I've always shied away from it, and I don't know way. Thanks for the inspiration, girl! XOXO

    Breanna Catharina

    1. That's okay lovely! I've literally ALWAYS been a red girl! I don't know, I think it suits my hair and complexion better i you know what I mean, but I've recently been falling for pinks, especially at this time of year! xx

  6. On I do love my pink lipsticks (well all lipsticks to be perfectly honest!) - I totally agree, YSL seriously know how to create dream packaging! - I'm the same as you, I always lean towards more high end brands just purely because a lot of high street ones aren't up to scratch, I'd much rather pay £20 and get a really good product! xxx

    1. Yep, I'm exactly the same! Quality over quantity every time!! xxx


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