Writing a Book: Update #4

So... Long time no book chat! As I spoke about in my last update, I've been suffering with serious writer's block. My motivation to put this story into words had just absolutely faded and I couldn't find it within me to push through. HOWEVER after a month and a half (I can't believe its been that long!) I finally sat down last night and gushed out about 1000 words, which after not writing for such a long time, felt so good. I'm just really happy that it's all flowing again for me and I do really hope to try and finish the first draft soon. 

Of course if you had no idea I was even writing a book then this may all seem a little crazy. I do, however have three other posts documenting my experience so far, that I'd love for you to read. 

1 - Falling Back In Love With Fiction Writing - Here I chatted about why it is that I love to write and how I got into it in the first place. 

2 - Writing a Book: Update 2 - This is my first proper post dedicated to explaining some of the storyline, my influences and what themes the plot will focus on. I also spend absolutely ages designing covers so I thought I'd add them in here as well.

3 - Writing a Book: Update 3 - In this post I shared the blurb and a section from the novel itself. So if you'd like to read a bit of my book (aside from what I'll show you down below,) then this is the post for you. Some of the feedback was so lovely I just knew I had to write about my experience some more! 


So below I'll leave the next section of my book. If you've read the first part in my Writing Update: 3 post this carries straight on from the end of that, you might want to refresh your memories just in case! Of course I did just want to reiterate that this is a first draft and whilst I have edited parts of it, it's not the finished editorial for there may be issues with flow or vocab etc. Just bare with me. ;)


The Blurb

Do you ever get that feeling you’re being followed? That spine tingling, hairs prickling, shiver down the back of your spine. 
Emilie did.
And confiding in a boy with whom she’d formed an uneasy acquaintance only proved to make her more paranoid. But nothing, not even her worries of secret small-town gangs, could have prepared her for what she discovered upon following him to the town boundaries. For hidden amongst rock crevices is an entrance to a world she’d never thought could truly exist.
But nothing can stay a secret forever, as Emilie is thrown into a world alight with tension, intrigue and danger. The Faerie Courts, a stone’s throw from being at war with one another, a kidnapped best friend and two brothers intent on causing havoc in each other’s lives.
How can one eighteen year old girl survive in a place she barely understands? 
When all she wants is to save her friend and go home, can anything make her stay?
The only thing she knows for sure is that none of it was supposed to happen but she’s fallen deep for a world she cannot expect to keep.

Read A Section From My Book:

The sound of someone crashing through the undergrowth, pierced through the silence of the night and into her vision stepped the boy from the parking lot. There was a devious smile etched on his lips, as he ran his long fingers through wildly curly hair.
‘Oh good,’ he murmured more to himself than to Emilie, ‘She’s human Mélor.’ He added. In the low light, the man’s eyes shone dark as a starless night. Like tunnels, they were endless, swirling vortexes, so black it was impossible to tell pupil from iris. 
The person’s grip loosened slightly and she felt blood rush back down her arm, feeling returning to her fingers soon after. 
‘Please let me go, I’m sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt anything. I swear I didn't hear what you said, I was just following Casper…’ Emilie was aware she sounded like she was begging, but it remained near on impossible to keep the panic from her voice. 
At this the man’s ears pricked up, ‘You know Casper?’ His voice was smooth as silken velvet, as he surveyed her. 
‘We go to school together.’ She whispered. Emilie felt as though she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen to the brain, her legs began to wobble beneath her and she swayed dangerously, leaning into the other man. 
Something about her statement amused the one who called himself Tai. ’Wait a minute…’ he leant forward, so close he was mere inches away from her face. ‘I know you. You’re the little thing that almost sent me flying.’
‘I’m so sorry…’ Emilie mumbled.
‘No matter, what’s your name?’ He asked her, for the first time sounding genuinely curious. 
It was as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. ‘Never mind then little girl.’ He whispered, stepping backwards. As soon as his presence left her shadow Emilie allowed herself to begin to breathe again. Harsh, icy cold air, sucked into her lungs in erratic breaths and she felt her head clear a little. 
‘Can I go please?’ 
The person holding her let out a low chuckle and Tai glanced up at him as though pleased with the recognition. 
‘No I think not.’ He said quietly. ‘You’ve already seen too much of us, unfortunately letting you go would be too much of a risk.’
She whimpered, as Tai and the other - Mélor - marched her towards the caves entrance. The grip the latter had around her arms made it hard to walk upright and she found herself being almost dragged, half paralysed with terror, towards the gap in the rock face. 
When their party reached the blackness Tai gave her an odd look. ‘Follow after me, pretty thing.’ He  said an attached grin, curling at his lips.
She had been right about the darkness, for a second or two, she could see absolutely nothing, relying entirely on Mélor steering her along.  Upon being enveloped in a blanket of nothingness, she expected to smell damp or decay, like the very life had been sucked out, but instead her sense of smell was met with a drier musk, unlike anything she’d ever inhaled. 
The blackness felt never ending, like rubber tubes pressing in from every side. Emilie was beginning to think it she would never witness light again when the corridor turned and she found herself in a narrow stone corridor, torch brackets at regular intervals, bathing the path in a flickering, orange glow. The floor was dry and sandy, with the odd footprint lingering like remnants of fossils. Aside from their party of three, it was utterly deserted. 
For the first time since she’d laid eyes on them, she could see her captors. Tai was exactly how she remembered him, dark brown hair, curling around his slim jawbone, cold black eyes and lightly muscled physique. His expression was neutral, heavily guarded like that of a person innately used to keeping their thoughts to themselves. 
So this was Casper’s brother, she mused. She could see the family resemblance though Tai’s features were slimmer, more feline. He was dressed, she noted in dark featureless clothes, a black sweater, fraying at the edges, and dark trousers made of a sturdy looking fabric. 
Mélor had finally released her, and she winced slightly. Her arm felt bruised like someone had clamped hand cuffs around it for hours.
‘I wouldn't try to run,’ the latter said, ‘There’s no way out.’
She turned and finally got a glimpse of the man who’d manhandled her. His skin was warmer in tone than Tai’s and he was built much more stockily, his biceps coated in thick bands of muscle that flexed  as he moved. Black hair, dark as pitch, hung in messed waves against his slim jawline, outlining shadowed eyes. But that wasn't what made her gasp in shock; for disappearing under the neckline of his top, and running all the way up his left cheekbone was a series of ivy green, protruding veins. They curled up his face like vines, some coming to a stop around his left eye, others disappearing into the hairline. Cool eyes stared back at her, the colour of a muddy brown river flecked with a dash of iridescent gold. 
‘Don’t stare, it’s rude.’ Tai sounded amused though Mélor looked anything but.
‘Sorry.’ she muttered, out of habit, and Tai’s grin widened. 
Tai’s voice was considerably lighter when he replied. ’You see that Mélor? At least this ones got some manners.’
Mélor rolled his eyes, a gesture that looked almost human. But he couldn't be… Could he? ’We’d better take it down to the holds.’ 
But Emilie’s annoyance was rising faster than the southern tide. ’I’m not an it.’ She spat out, suddenly feeling the terror ebb away. ‘If you’re just here to taunt me, don’t bother. I’m used to it, and it’ll take a lot more than a few nasty comments to have me screaming for help.’
Tai looked as though he very much wanted to reply with something scathing before Mélor grabbed her arm and steered her away, pulling her further into the depths of the cave. ‘I’ll put her in the outer holds,’ he said over his shoulder. ‘Shouldn't be too much of a problem.’


Okay! So I really hoped you enjoyed that, if not please leave me a comment telling me why, as I love to receive all feedback. A few quick notes before I go, regarding the names of characters: Yes I'm aware they're a bit weird / out there, but my book is fantasy and I really had so much exploring different name options for them. If you're confused, Tai is pronounced like 'tie' and Mélor is pronounced as 'May-Lor'. Very jazzy, I know.

Like I said above, I would very much love for you to leave me a comment giving any thoughts and feelings you may have at this point and whether or not you'd like to read more.



  1. Oooh! I'm so hooked on your book :) I can't wait to read more! Will there be a book in print? Bo xx


    1. Thank you so much, that means the absolute world to me! One day, hopefully! That's my absolute dream - to be a published author - but since I'm only in the editing / finishing first draft stage, it won't be happening soon! But I'm definitely going to try and get published as soon as the book is ready! <3 xx

  2. Beautiful photography and congratulations! This is so exciting!
    -Kate // www.classyandkate.com

  3. I love it, I love it, I love it! Oh, did I mention I LOVE IT?! I honestly can't wait to read the entire book & I'm so glad you found your motivation again. I said this before but I'll probably tell you again and again: you're extremely talented!! This is so beautifully written, you manage to describe your characters and everything else in such a special & powerful way :) Also I actually really like the names you chose for your characters, especially Mélor! I can't wait to know more about your characters & their stories x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. SARA! You're seriously too kind! I know I keep saying it, but just knowing that people actually like my writing is absolutely insane and makes me so, so happy! I can't say thank you enough, or express just how much this means to me.

      Haha thanks - because I know my story / characters so well now, they just sound really normal to me, but as I was editing it suddenly occurred to me all of these weird names I'd invented hahaha xxx <3

  4. Fantasy books are my favourite genre to read, and after reading a section from your book OH MY! I am so in love already... I want more.. is there more?! I am so happy that you've got back into the groove of writing, sometimes it is just good to have a break :) I started writing my own book a while back, after writing down lots of ideas but only managed to get onto my second page lol I can't wait until I get my flow back like you! I'll be keen to read on more updates now!! PS your character names are fab! xx


  5. Thank you so much!! Oh yes, there's more! I've currently written just under 85,000 words and reckon I've got about another 5K or so to go before I reach the ending! Then it's just the editing process and getting rid of all the crappy bits haha! Ahh if you ever decide to publish it on your blog I'd love to have a read, I'm obsessed with other people's books! Once again, thank you so much, it means so much to me! <3 xxx

  6. I LOVE this genre and your writing style is brilliant! Can't wait to read more of it KEEP GOING. Inspired me to get back to writing too :)

    1. I'm so glad!! I was so worried fantasy would be too niche for most people who read my blog! (I can't help that I'm a giant nerd haha!) But I'm so genuinely happy with all of the lovely things people have said so far <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you! xxx


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