Massive Summer Beauty & Lifestyle Haul!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to my blog. First things first, if you follow me on twitter you might have already seen, but if not: I've made a Snapchat!! You can follow me @lilyoliviablog for everyday vlogs and soon I'll be vlogging my trip to Greece, so if you're interested in what I get up to then I'd love to see you there!

Now that shameless self promo is over, onto the actual post. I love hauls, I love watching them on YouTube, reading other peoples blog posts and just in general having a nosy at what everyone's bought. And whilst I'm trying to up the quality of my blog content in terms of bringing new and exciting posts sometimes a good old favourite is the one. On Saturday my sister and I went shopping and may or may not have gone slightly crazy in Boots, Primark, Lush and New Look. 


Lush - Lip Scrub - £5.50

Whilst in Lush I had a little mooch around but only decided to pick up one thing. I've never tried any of the lip scrubs before (I know, I'm not sure how I managed that either!) but as soon as I smelled this Popcorn one, I just knew, I had to have it! A compilation of the fact these are edible and that my lips generally do need a good exfoliation every so often, means that this will be a well used product!


Primark - Cushions - £7.00 each

These massive cushions are super soft and comfortable and will match with my black and white bedroom perfectly. I'll also be able to take these with me to uni in September to add a homey touch to my room. Primark Home was seriously on point when I went into town and I had to refrain from buying like half the shop. At £7 I was honestly so shocked because they feel like really good quality and in most hughstreet stores you're looking at over £20 for a cushion! 

Primark Makeup Brushes - £1.00 & £1.50

You know those dangerous bargain sections they have as you wait in queue for the till? The ones where you inevitably end up buying like six things you most definitely do not need, and then regret it as soon as you get home? Well yeah... That happened! I haven't quite decided if I regret buying these makeup brushes yet as they are so inexpensive, but since I haven't tried them, the quality remains to be seen. However as I'm super lazy when it comes to washing my makeup brushes, it never hurts to have the odd spare, here and there! 


Primark - Screen Wipes - £1.00

Yep, another accidental purchase. To be fair, my laptop screen is really smudged and gross right now, so when I saw these I just impulse bought them!

Primark - Face Cloths - 

The last thing I bought from Primark was these black face cloths. When I go to university in September I have an ensuite bathroom so I've recently been buying towels and things like that to furnish it. When I saw these, they were just so cheap I knew I had get them. If you're interested, Primark make a huge range of towels and face cloths that are all so inexpensive and come in literally every colour under the sun. 


The Body Shop All-In-One Face Base - £14.00

I'm starting to think it wouldn't be my blog without a not-so-subtle mention of this bad boy! I hit pan in my current one about a week ago and it's been getting more and more empty ever since. So I made a pact that I needed to get another one when I went out shopping otherwise I'd have nothing to wear on my face. (Well that's a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift!) Naturally when I saw it was on buy one get one half price I obviously bought two... Just goes without saying really!

If you're new here you might not know that this is my absolute holy grail facial product that I would recommend to anyone. It's a powder foundation that can be used on top of a liquid or on its own. 

Boots - NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - £5.50

What's that I hear you cry? I've only just done a haul / review of these?! Yes, well, I'm aware of that, but because I loved the shade 'Ibiza' so much I thought I'd choose another nude and see how I got on with that. I'm going out for dinner tomorrow so I'm going to take this one for a test run and see how I like it. As recommended from my last NYX review I swatched this in Boots and really loved the colour and texture of this one. 

Boots - NYX Cosmetic Brushes - £11.00 & £7.00

These are just such good quality and I can't wait to try them out further. I decided to pick up the eyeshadow brush because you can never have too many fluffy crease brushes, and the powder brush, just because it looked and felt incredible! My local Boots has a massive NYX counter so it's a miracle that I didn't buy anything else!

Boots - Natural Collection Eyebrow Palette - £1.99

As a self confessed makeup snob, I don't tend to buy much (if anything) from Natural Collection. However when I saw this brand new eyebrow palette, which includes: brow powder, brow wax, a spoolie and a double ended brow brush, all for £1.99, I knew I just had to get it! I haven't used it yet, and to be honest I'm not expecting miracles, but it just seemed like such a steal! 

Boots - EOS Lip balm in Melon 

I love lip balm. I have an entire mason jar of it on my bedside table and when I saw the EOS stand I just couldn't walk past without buying anything. Initially I was looking for one with SPF but when I couldn't find it I picked up the melon scented one regardless. As soon as I got home I took off the outer packaging and upon smelling this, fell in love. It's a lot softer and gentler in smell than my passionfruit one, but beautiful nonetheless. 

Boots - Collection Lasting Finish Concealer - 

Another cult favourite that I haven't tried. My sister swears by this concealer as do about two thirds of beauty bloggers everywhere, so when my Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch began to run low, I decided to just grab one of these and see how I got on with it. I picked it up in 01 (the lightest shade) as the next one up seemed way too orange toned for my skin tone. 

Boots - The Basics:

Batiste Dry Shampoo: £3.29, 

Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo travel size: £2.00, 

Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner travel size: £2.00, 

Batiste Dry Shampoo mini: £2.99

Boots: L'Oreal Pure Clay face mask - £5.00

I tried this on the back of my hand and was blown away by the lovely scent and smoothness of the product. I don't tend to wear face masks often, but for some reason I was just really attracted to this one. I'm definitely going to do a full beauty review discussing the pros and cons of this mask once I've tested it out, as I'm super excited about it! 

The Pure Clay mask is made specifically for oily skin, to help mattify and reduce oil build up, so if you're an oily skinned gal like me, then this should be your best friend. However if you have drier or normal skin then L'Oreal has brought out two other masks to help with different skin types. 

Wow, that was a long post! I didn't even realise I bought that much until just now, but clearly someone needs to be on a spending ban!! I hope you enjoyed my haul and feel free to let me know if you've tried any of these products and how you got on with them. 



  1. i really want to try Lush's lip scrubs! the NYX brushes look so soft and those cushions look so lovely! lovely picks:) x


    1. They're so good, you definitely should!! Thank you lovely xx

  2. You've bought so much stuff, I love it - no harm in treating yourself! Love the pillows they'll look lovely in your uni room, such bargin too!! Xxx

    1. Oh my god Lisa don't hahaha my bank account is genuinely crying right now!! It's not even funny! I didn't actually realise how much I'd bought until I got home which probably indicates I've got some kind of shopping problem. Ah well, what else is new?! xxx

  3. You've bought so much stuff, I love it - no harm in treating yourself! Love the pillows they'll look lovely in your uni room, such bargin too!! Xxx


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