Exploring Ouranoupolis, Greece.

What do you do on that rare occasion when the clouds come out to hide the sunshine, a light breeze picks up and it suddenly becomes a whole lot easier to move about? Go and explore the local towns without practically throwing yourself into the ocean, of course! 

If you haven't been on my blog before or have somehow missed out on my last few posts, I spend the last week luxuriously resting in Halkidiki, Greece, and whilst the weather was consistently beautiful, we had one day of heavy cloud and cooler winds. Now I'm someone who loves to explore whilst I'm travelling, particularly the local towns and villages and whilst I'm not that adventurous when it comes to eating at new places, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to head to Ouranoupolis, the closest town to where we stayed. 

Naturally as a coastal town it was full of cafes and bars hugging the sea front, coupled with an abundance of travellers and locals. However unlike some places I've been - Sorrento, Italy for example - it didn't feel like a tourist trap. Instead we heard mainly Greek voices as we meandered around narrow streets, stopping occasionally to browse the many jewellery stores and coffee shops. 

I think if you're in the Halkidiki region, particularly if you're staying in the same hotel I did *side note: there's a post coming soon all about our hotel and resort* then it's worth a trip, even if you just fancy getting out of the hotel for a few hours. When you stay in a place that's mainly inhabited by other Brits you don't tend to experience any of the culture aside from the food and drink of course, so I would really recommend booking a tour or just having a little wander around like we did. The one thing I would say is that there wasn't a huge amount to do so after a couple of hours we were ready to head back for some lunch and a glass of wine!

As our morning came to a close the sun did make a brief appearance and it seriously lit up the town. All the colours looked brighter, the sea once again glistened like liquid turquoise and the temperatures soared. All in all it was a nice morning and great fun to escape from our bubble for a little while. 



  1. I for one am rubbish in the sun, so when there is the odd day of cloud when I'm on holiday, deep down I actually love it - it usually gives my very burnt skin the chance to cool down hahaha! Halkidiki loves so lovely, loving the photography in these, especially the flowers *heart eyes* Great post, you beauty! xxx


    1. Oh my god same, I literally come away so pale because I spend ninety percent of my time dodging from one patch of shade to the next!! Aww thank you, it was gorgeous! xxx

  2. I'm currently catching up on all of your Greece posts and OMG YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like you had an amazing time :) x


    1. Ahh thank you so much!! <3 Yeah, it was incredible, hope you had a lovely holiday too xxx

  3. These photos are incredibleee! Just came across your blog today and I already love it!

    Sarah | scarletstate.co.uk


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