Boating Around Halkidiki, Greece.

This past week I've spent time sunning myself, indulging in way too much delectable food and shooting over 750 photos of the beautiful azure ocean. If you're not following me on Instagram or Twitter you may be unaware that myself and my family recently packed our bags for a stunning holiday in the beautiful peninsula of Halkidiki, northern Greece. It truly was paradise, from the wave of hot air that hit us as we disembarked the aeroplane, to the chilled glasses of passion fruit lemonade, enjoyed from a lounger just feet away from the glistening Aegean Sea. I must say, I've fallen head over heels in love with Greece, and would highly suggest a trip to anyone who might be interested.

This post is the first in what will be a series, focusing on my trip, on everything from the sights, to the fashion, to the hotel and resort we stayed in. However to begin with, I wanted to share with you all, one of my absolute favourite days from the trip: the time we hired a motorboat and explored the seas, finding multiple private beaches, secluded corners of the island and vast expanses of blue waves.

In all honesty, if you asked me what I preferred: Land or Sea? The answer would come easily to me: I like to have both feet firmly planted in the sand if at all possible. However there was something so magical about gliding across the coast, the gentle breeze keeping us cool whilst rocks and beaches whizzed past. And whilst I won't be taking up sailing anytime soon, this was definitely an experience I won't be forgetting any time soon.

After sailing past row upon row of the cutest coastal buildings, built into the cliff, many bleached white in order to keep out the oppressive sunlight, we headed to our first private beach. I've never been somewhere so quite and tranquil before, and whilst you could see towns and villages in the distance they felt so far away it was almost like we entirely alone on the island. We spend time climbing the boulders, paddling in the crystal waters and taking an absolute abundance of photos. 

Naturally I couldn't give up the opportunity to take some outfit photos, especially when the view was as insatiably stunning as this! In these photos I'm wearing an oversized shirt cover up from New Look, which I bought in the clearance so unfortunately I don't think is available anymore, however I've linked a similar one here. My sunglasses are from Quay Australia and I'm absolutely obsessed with them; almost as much as my Burberry's, which if you're a regular reader, you'll know is a lot

After leaving the first island we spent some more time meandering through the various islands, some inhabited, others not, before happening on another gorgeous beach. I'll be covering the second half of this incredible day in my next blog post, so stay tuned! 

I hope you've all enjoyed a first look insight into my trip to Halkidiki, and rest assured many more posts are on their way. I'm so happy to be back blogging again, so watch this space, as some very exciting things are on their way!



  1. Wow! This looks like an absolute dream! I want to visit Greece so bad!

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. It was so beautiful, I'd highly recommend it if you have the chance to go! Xx

  2. MY GOD! These photos are absolutely stunning, all that blue omggggggg! I've got to say, those sunglasses are absolutely fabulous, they suit your face shape so much, on par with Burberry I think! - Greece looks so beautiful, I'm running out of adjectives to describe how gorgeous this post is, love it - look at that blue sea *heart eyes* *cries because I'm currently sat on my sofa not in the greek sea* loveeeeeee! xxx

    1. That was literally me trying to write the post haha - I was so close to looking at a thesaurus!
      Ahh I'm glad you said that! I love them so much but they're pretty out there!! Your comments are always so lovely, thank you <3 xxx

  3. These photos are the pure definition of perfection! I am in awe of them! PS, I want to visit Greece so bad now😭 Also, very excited for your future blog posts: keep them coming haha!

    Reet | www.reetlonari.com

    1. Thank you! There's many more on their way! Aww that's such a lovely thing to say, thank you sooo much! <3 xx


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