5 Ways to Switch Up your Beauty Routine for Fall!

 No7 Early Defence Eye Cream, Liz Earle Skin Repair moisturiser

Hey guys, so for today's post I thought I would do something both beauty and autumn related... Because basically they're my two favourite things! 

As the weather gets colder I usually find my skin getting drier and my beauty regime is therefore in need of a switch up. Since I woke up this morning with frost on my window I thought this post would be well received! 

1) Are you wearing the right moisturiser?!

I'm the first to admit that though I usually describe my skin as 'dry', during the summer months it can lean towards oily too. When this happens I immediately reach for a lighter face cream as this helps avoid pore clogging. But as soon as the central heating gets turned on and the icy winter winds are out in play, trust me, I need some serious hydration! For me, the sensitive areas of my face (e.g. my eyelids) are often the first to succumb. So this year I thought I'd try out an eye cream (which I've spoken a little about here) and so far it seems to be helping!

Maybelline Baby Lips
 2) Chapped Lips are a Big No-Go

Ever since I was maybe 11 or 12 I've religiously applied one form of lip balm before going to bed each night. This is never more important than in the colder months, when chapped lips threaten to make your cute MAC lipstick look bumpy and dry... hmm attractive. 

At the moment I've been loving Maybelline Baby Lips (if you haven't heard of these where were you in 2012?!) because they're non sticky, super hydrating and have delectable scents. The two pictured above are are almond flavoured and lemon scented. 

Essie: Chincilly, Essie: Angora Cardi, Essie: Shearling Darling (similar linked)

3) Goodbye corals, hello magenta! 

With the new season comes the new nail polish trends. Whilst this year is all about neutrals and glossy blacks, for me, nothing screams 'winter is coming' like warm reds and browns. Plus it's an excuse to buy a new nail polish, so what are you waiting for!

Maybelline: Dream Pure BB cream, Rimmel London BB cream

4) Alternatives to a foundation?

We all know the struggle: wanting to wear foundation to give yourself a confidence boost but knowing it'll just stick to the dry patches on your forehead. The solution: BB cream! In my opinion it's so underrated and seems to have gained a reputation for not giving much coverage. Well my friends, of course that is true for some (the Maybelline is a great light coverage BB cream) but as one of my holy grail products, the Rimmel London gives fab coverage whilst not showing any dry skin: winning!!

Aussie: leave in conditioner, Lotion not currently available

5) Fly-aways and split ends?! No thank you.

Lastly I wanted to talk about something that often gets forgotten about in my beauty regime: my hair. Obviously I shampoo and condition but apart from that I'm very lazy. You won't catch me blow drying unless I've got under fifteen minutes to leave the house. Seriously, I just wash it and throw it up into a messy bun where it's left to dry. However if I do decide to make an effort, especially when using heat I do try and make an effort to keep my hair hydrated. 

Okay guys, so that's it! Let me know any hacks you guys have for keeping yourselves hydrated in the winter time! 


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