My Closet Tour Plus Organisation!

I think as soon as you forget that you've bought an item of clothing and it's hanging, unused in your closet, it's time for a clear out. Now, I love clothes, and I'm the first to admit that I own a lot. What you see in these pictures doesn't even cover what's in my dresser or the majority of bits and pieces that I took out. And let's be real here, I don't even keep most of my shoes in my wardrobe, so they're not here either!

The First thing I did was to remove everything from the two hanging rails that display my shorter items of clothing: tops, jeans, jumpers etc. Then I piled them up and separated them into three piles: definitely keeping, giving to charity and donating to my sister. (For those of you who don't know, I have a 15 year old sister who enjoys shopping in my closet!!)

I'll be keeping these!!
The charity pile consisted of things that I wouldn't wear again, but were still in good condition!
Emptying my closet... or starting up a small clothes store!!

Another problem that I have is storage. As my wardrobe is fitted I was able to get some shelving put in both to the right of my long-hanging section and above the rails. However over time it's become messy and disorganised: somewhere I just throw my camera charger and hope I'll remember where I put it.

Overnight bags and makeup storage containers...
Some of my nicer summer shoes...
Gym bags... I don't even go to the gym!
Overview of the right hand side of my wardrobe

Overall I was really pleased with how my wardrobe turned out! I gave fair amount of things to my sister and filled over three large bags for charity! I'm amazed at the amount of empty hangers and frankly can't wait to go clothes shopping again!!

*Before I go I did just want to make a quick disclaimer. I know I have a lot of clothes... I know! But I have a job and since I still live at home, I'm in the lucky position of not having to pay household bills. Therefore everything that I'm earning I either save for my future or I can spend how I like. So everything you see in these photos was either bought by myself with my own hard earned cash or it was a christmas / birthday gift!* 



  1. Nice wardrobe! You are definitely a lot more organised than I am, haha. =D I really love your little perfume collection, I see a couple of my favourites there (Acqua di Gioia and Princess!). x

    Following on bloglovin'

    Kay <3


    x x x

    1. Thank you!! Yeah I'm definitely a neat freak so I like all my clothes colour coded haha! And perfumes are one of my favourite things to collect!! Xxx

  2. Omigosh!! So organized!! Haha, unlike me....
    Great post :) Bobo xoxo


    1. It literally took me a whole day to sort out! But I'm so pleased with how it looks now!! X

  3. Omigosh!! So organized!! Haha, unlike me....
    Great post :) Bobo xoxo



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