Beauty Review: YSL High Volume mascara

Hello everyone,

So today's post comes from a very rainy and autumnal England - looks like summer's well and truly left the building am I right?! Anyways, before I get onto the main post I wanted to ask you to give up couple of minutes of your time and tell me what you think to my new blog theme! (If you're on a mobile device it might be worth clicking onto the web view!) Basically I designed it all myself and have worked super hard with the HTML and CSS (something I still don't really understand) and would love some feedback on it! It's still not completely done, I'd love to get some social media widgets in the sidebar for example, but for the moment I'd really appreciate your thoughts!

Now, onto the post...

The Product: YSL Volume Effect mascara
The Price: £25

Quick Picks:

The packaging: 4.5 stars
The product: 4.5 stars
Value for money: 4 stars

The other day, as I applied my beloved Chanel mascara I had to admit to myself that it was dried up and frankly empty... It's about time too considering I've been using it since May! So looking in my collection I debated on whether or not to open my YSL or a Lancome mascara, but due to the pretty gold packaging... well, here we are.

The first time I used this I was getting reading for work and unfortunately in a bit of a rush. Therefore I didn't give this product the full consideration. However having used it twice since then, i'm now in a more knowledgable place to talk about it.

I would first of all say that this is a very good mascara. It's high end, doesn't come cheaply so I'd be disappointed with anything less. My lashes definitely look fuller and longer and so far I haven't experienced any smudging. When it comes to taking it off in the evenings, it removed easily with micellar water (thank god, as nothings worse than scraping at your eyelids) and didn't leave my lashes feeling brittle or dry. Big thumbs up!

However in comparison to my Chanel (which I've talked about here) I don't think I'm quite as in love... None the less, it's a great product, with beautiful packaging that makes my lashes look super long and lustrous! 


I don't think I'd repurchase purely because it is such an expensive product and there are many more mascaras in the sea so to speak. But for the time being I'm very happy and content to put this on my lashes!



  1. Great post =) Never tried that mascara but it looks tempting... Also, I really like your new blog theme =) It's girly, pretty, and stylish. Well done! <3


    1. Thank you! I knew I wanted something really girly but not overly cutesy haha... And yeah it's a really good product, my lashes look heaps better than when I use Maybelline or the likes ;) <3

  2. I love your reviews because you go into so much depth about the product and it's so much fun to read!
    I really like the gold packaging of the mascara, but it is quite pricey!
    It looks like it would be an amazing mascara though. Love Lauren xx


    1. High end makeup is so expensive it's depressing! I received this as a gift from my uncle for my birthday a few months back but hadn't actually tried it until a few days ago! It is really good, and for me personally, a good mascara is worth splurging on! (Probs why I never have any money lol!) xx

  3. Your photos are stunning and a great review! I love your blog theme and I know CSS is such a difficult thing to get used to and this is really beautiful! xx


    1. Awww thank you so much!! I have so much fear of doing CSS wrong and my whole blog being messed up!! And thanks again, I really enjoy taking photos even if I was scared of dropping the mascara wand into the candle when I took the top pic!! xx


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