City Break to Barcelona!

So recently to celebrated us finishing high school, my best three girlfriends and I went on a city break to Barcelona. Leading up to it I have to say my excitement dwindled when I read the weather forecast which predicted rain and thunder four days straight. Amazingly, we were super lucky and it only rained for about two thirds of one day! 
In this post I just wanted to share some of my snaps (all taken on my iPhone so please don't judge the quality too harshly!) and talk a little about what we got up to.

We left England in the very early hours of Wednesday morning. Upon arriving to Barcelona we checked into our hotel and headed out on a little exploration of the city. One of my friends was actually travelling to Barcelona via train from France as she'd just finished a family holiday, so we ended up walking halfway across the city to find her as my friend Katie programmed her iPhones satnav wrong! However by this point we were all pretty chipper because the weather (forecast as Noah's Ark part two) was warm and sunny! Once we'd taken her things back to the hotel (via metro!) we had a chill day, eating pizza and wandering around in the sun. 

On our second day we decided to take a cable car ride above the city and into the mountains. It was only 16 euros which was amazing because the views were so stunning and beautiful. Unfortunately the weather was a little overcast so we didn't manage to get too many good pictures. In the afternoon we headed to the beach. It was super warm and so lovely to just sit and chill on the sand.

The next day we decided to have a cultural visit to Gaudi's Park Guell and The Sagrada Famillia. If you don't know who Gaudi was, he's an incredibly famous and innovative Spanish architect who's incredible cathedral - The Sagrada Famillia - is still being built even 100 years after it was started.

The Sagrada Famillia

We also visited Casa Batllo - a private family home where Gaudi had been commissioned to be the architect. The design work was so beautiful and completely unlike anything else I've ever seen. If you're ever in Barcelona, I strongly urge that you make this a trip essential. I believe it was 18 euros or so, and totally worth it!

Following on from this, we saw Park Guell. Unfortunately this was where the weather turned and the rain began pouring. Naturally I wasn't wearing the most sensible shoes and my white crochet Toms were soaked right through! It was a shame because I think the park would have been gorgeous in the sunlight. (Also shoutout to my friend who forgot an umbrella and had to buy a bright yellow plastic poncho!)  

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed my pictures!
I'll be back tomorrow with a super exciting post!



  1. You took amazing photos and it looks like you had such a fab time! xx

  2. I LOVE the photos, they're stunning! I really wanna visit Barcelona, it looks gorgeous!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Aww thank you - that's so sweet! Barcelona is amazing! It's got everything - culture, fab food, the beach... Would highly recommend a visit!

  3. Wow it looks stunning! I would love to go somewhere like that! Bet you are freezing now back in rainy England! Xx

    1. To be fair, it's been pretty hot out today!! But yeah, I almost died when we got off the plane - it was like midnight and so cold!! Xx


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