Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Oh my god THIS BOOK! First of all this review will contain spoilers but only after the * symbol, so you're free to read up until then. 

Red Queen is the debut novel by Victoria Aveyard which centres around a fantasy world in which the ruling elite - Silvers - (so called because they have evolved to have silver blood,) oppress over the Reds - the everyday common folk.

The novel is told from the POV of Mare, a Red, who's lived her whole life in the shadow of the oppressive Silvers. One day after a meeting with a stranger, Mare finds herself offered a job in the palace, thus escaping the fate of conscription. There, after an untimely accident she finds herself betrothed to the younger Prince Maven, who over time she becomes close with and together they aim to change the system. 

Whilst it took me a little while to get into this book I found the characters and storylines to be so jawdroppingly amazing. If you've read it... You'll know which plot twists I'm talking about *silently cries*

I would recommend it for anyone who loves a good fantasy novel, any Throne of Glass or Poison Study fans. 


Okay, now onto the spoilers, if you haven't read it I would seriously go away and read it and then come back!! You won't regret it, it's amazing! 

First lets talk a little bit about our main characters. I did like Mare, especially as the novel went on I really found myself sympathising with her. I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't immediately try and rebel against the system as soon as she became engaged to Maven as that's so YA cliche - am I right?! 

Cal on the other hand I wasn't such a fan of. I really liked him at the beginning and similarly to Mare, began to go off him. He just seemed too cowardly, like, anything for an easy life. He was too afraid of change in the beginning. However I think I was right as initially I was convinced he was going to be the main love interest which after the MASSIVE PLOT TWIST that had me weeping, I think he will be. 

Now, let's talk Maven. *sighs*. For 90% (and maybe more) of the book I adored Maven. He was sweet, kind, unassuming and smart. So many people said they were wary of him because he was so quick to abandon his life and join the Scarlet Guard, but to me I completely got it. He was sick of being in his brothers shadow and personally, as someone with a golden girl sister I know exactly how that feels, so I didn't give it a second thought. 
So understandably I was confused and so gutted when he turned out to be a cold, traitor. Initially I though Elara had put some curse on him, or was controlling his mind but when I realised what was happening I just couldn't believe it... My Red Queen OTP was smashed before my eyes. 

Honestly part of me still hopes that in the sequel Maven will kidnap Mare and then they'll accidentally fall in love for real, though I doubt it. It would be amazing though. 

I will be reading the sequel, Glass Sword when it's released however without "nice" Maven, I'm not sure I'll enjoy it as much as Red Queen. 

All in all I give this book 4.8 stars and a 90% score. 


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