Book review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Hey guys so I'm finally back from my vacation and I know it probably doesn't feel like I was gone that long because I pre scheduled a lot, but this is the first time in over two weeks that I've sat down to blog... (And it feels so good!!) Even if it is at 2:09 in the morning - blame jetlag! So I thought I'd start with a nice book review - enjoy my loves.
* this review will contain spoilers, though only after the asterisk *

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a fantastical YA book by acclaimed author Ransom Riggs. It centres around the story of a 15 year old boy - Jacob - who's spent his whole life being told stories by his grandfather of his life back in an orphanage in Wales, during the Second World War. In this orphanage the other children had "peculiar" abilities; like being able to levitate and to conjure fire at will. Of course Jacob doesn't really believe these stories, how could he? 
Until one day, Jacob's grandfather is murdered by a creature that Jacob's therapist convinces him didn't exist. 

But Jacob thinks different... And honours his grandfathers final wishes by travelling to Wales to try and uncover the secrets of Miss Peregrine's orphanage. 
I actually read this book in two stints across a time period of about two weeks. (Blame Harry Potter... Again!) I think this might be why I wasn't as engaged as I usually am when reading fantasy YA. (That, and I read half of it on a super noisy airplane!) 

The first thing I wanted to discuss was the plot twist regarding Dr Golan. Personally I guessed it about a third of the way into the book, and was convinced when Jacob phoned him & he was at the airport. I mean, come on!! Anyone who didn't guess from then on seriously needs to read more YA! But I didn't see the whole third grade bus driver scenario coming. I thought I was really interesting how the Wight had been following him for almost his entire life! Let me know, did you guys see the Dr Golan plot twist coming?

As characters, Jacob and Emma were definitely likeable and fun. I really enjoyed the bit when Jacob had to choose between demanding to know what Emma wanted to tell him and follow her - knowing she wanted to kiss him. In that passage I just loved the dynamic of his narrative. 
My absolute favourite thing about this book was the randomly inserted images. This was mainly because they are all legit photos found from private collectors and at flea markets. In my opinion this only led to the mystery and whimsical nature of the narration. Kudos to Riggs for spending so much time sorting through old photos!

In general I enjoyed this book but I wouldn't read it again in a hurry. I do think the plot line was a little repetitive once they'd reached Wales, but nonetheless intriguing. I will probably read the sequel, Hollow City, but not for a little while, perhaps on the plane home!! 

All in all I give it a 3 star rating and a 77% on the percent scale. 
xoxo Lily

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