High End vs High Street jewellery!

If there's one thing I've recently become addicted to; it's high end jewellery*. I turned 18 in May and was shocked at the onslaught of beautiful jewellery gifts from various family and friends. I take great pride in collection - when it's not being worn, its tucked away in felt pouches to prevent any scratches or smears. But recently I was browsing the Accessorize Silver collection and it suddenly hit me that for £15 I could have a similarly gorgeous piece of jewellery.

So why are we paying frankly ridiculous amounts of money for something that could easily be replicated for a fraction of the price? Is the only reason I'm obsessed with the above jewellery because it's branded Tiffany & Co?

So I decided to pick out a few of my high street favourites and compare the differences in styling.

Forever 21

When looking through my high street jewellery, I realised the majority of pieces I own are statement necklaces... Blame 15 year old me. But above I've picked out some of my favourites. Unfortunately the first piece was a gift (to my mum actually!) so I'm not sure where its from, but the combination of the turquoise and orange is really striking and beautiful. I pair this with low cut tops, usually block colours, to add a little drama!

But the second necklace is one of my all time favourite pieces. It's from Accessorize, cost £15, but you won't believe the amount of people who ask me if it's Thomas Sabo. (I wish!!) The design is so beautiful and intricate - it literally goes with everything and anything.

And the third is arguably one of my boldest purchases. Whilst I'm obsessed with the colour and design of this piece I do wish it sat a little higher on my neckline. But apart from that, it can be paired with anything and will instantly make it ten times cuter!

So what do you think? High end or high street? Personally I love a mix of both!
xoxo Lily
*Quick disclaimer: I don't want anyone to think I'm bragging at all in this post. I realise I'm extremely fortunate to have such amazing parents and friends. 


  1. I love both :)

    Stay fabulous x

    Y-- http://daristo-chic.blogspot.com/

    1. So do I! I really think high end jewellery is beautiful but you can definitely make more of a statement with high street x


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