Vacation essentials haul!

As it is only four more days until I go on vacation (Barbados here I come!) I wanted to start a new series on my blog completely related to travel. So across the next couple of weeks I'm going to blogging a range of fun things such as "what's in my travel beauty bag?" and "airport outfit ideas!". For me these posts are super fun to read as they make me so inspired for not only my blog, but for my life as well! Because let's be real, who here has turned up at the airport at four AM basically in their pyjamas?!

So I'm starting this series with a haul... It's mostly beauty related but I did include a couple of my bathing suits from H&M which you can find here and here. (The matching bottoms are the first suggested items on both!) I've only just discovered their bikinis but they are seriously so affordable and so cute!

Keeping safe on in the sun...

Ahhh SPF... the bane of my holiday existence. As I live in a particularly cloudy part of the world, applying sunscreen is something that usually (okay, always) only happens when I'm on holiday. And I hate it. Growing up, I have particularly poignant memories of being in a 40 degree hire car, with no air conditioning and windows that wouldn't open. The smell of melting coconut sunscreen is something that still makes me queasy to this day.
It was last year when I discovered my holy grail sun care product: the Garnier Ambre Solaire range. And the reason I love it so much? Because it doesn't smell of anything... Yep that's right, not a single, rancid coconut in sight!

The St Tropez in-shower Gradual Tanner...

Put your hands in the air if you've ever had a fake tan nightmare?! If the thought of fake tanning makes you a little weak at the knees then I have the solution! This in shower gradual tanner means the end of all streakiness... its only been out a little while and it seems the whole blogosphere and 99% of customers at the drugstore I work for are going crazy for it. And considering its currently on offer... Well, some may accidently have fallen into my shopping basket...

Tropical beauty picks...

As someone with an extensive beauty collection, I'm sure your thinking: "Lily, more mascara and powder?! Really?!" and you would probably be right. But let me explain my decisions... firstly, I did actually need a waterproof mascara as I almost exclusively don't use them because they are just so hard to remove and I find they make my eyelashes super brittle. However when you're sitting by the pool and a cute guy walks past... those eyelashes better be on fleek! So I decided to try a mascara I've never used before by a brand I absolutely adore. Before moving onto high end mascaras, I had loved Maybelline due to their affordability and how long they made my lashes look.
Powder wise I just picked up a translucent powder so I'm not totally shiny! Understandable right?!

The other bits and pieces I picked up were hair care related... If you'd like a review of any of the products shown in todays blog, please let me know, I'd be more than happy to do a first impressions!
xoxo Lily


  1. Great post my dear,I really like it!
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