Prom 2015 + Tips on having a stress free night!

It's prom, summer ball and wedding season. Undoubtedly at some point you'll have to experience the stress of getting ready for a formal event - from the dress to the shoes to the hair and makeup. In this post I wanted to talk a little bit about my prom and some top tips I've learnt in avoiding stress.

If you're interested in getting my look I'll first talk about what I wore and how I styled my hair and makeup. My dress is a little more vibrant coral than the photo depicts and is from Karen Millen - you can find it here if you live in the UK. (Sorry US readers I was unable to find it on the US site!) As soon as I saw this dress I was amazed at the beautifully intricate pleat work in the skirt (which in all fairness doesn't really show up that well on camera!). For me the high neckline complimented my small chest and showed off my waist. Although this dress is a little pricy - it's worth it, trust me! I paired it with black gladiator style, strappy stilettos from Guess (which I've had for years so sorry I can't link them!) and a black clutch from New Look. Jewellery wise I kept it fairly simple as the neckline of the dress eliminated need for a necklace. So I stuck to a coral bracelet from Kate Spade and a rose gold ring and matching earrings from Sif Jakobs.

Now onto the tips...

Number 1: Get your dress well in advance... I actually know someone who left their dress shopping till late and then couldn't find something they liked, and because they're so tiny she ended up needing alterations that couldn't be done in time, so she didn't come to our leaver's prom. You do not want to be the girl sat at home with a carton of ice cream, angrily looking at people's snapchat stories. Another benefit of getting your dress early is that you have first pick, so your girlfriends definitely won't end up wearing a better dress than you.
Number 2: Consider getting someone else to do your hair / makeup for you... Personally I'm terrible at hair. It's ironic really because I love makeup, beauty, doing my nails, doing my tan etc but when it comes to styling my hair, I hate it! If I'm ever going out to a formal event my hairdo consists of blow drying it and leaving it down, as opposed to not blow drying it and leaving it down for a regular day. So when my parents suggested the idea of getting a hair stylist to do it for me, I was sold! If you don't want to spend money on a hair stylist, youtube and Pinterest are brimming with tutorials.
Number 3: Pinterest... Seriously this website was made for making any event a whole lot easier. My makeup look, inspired by the Naked 2 palette was taken straight from Pinterest and honestly turned out so much better than anything I could have made up! If you want to follow my Pinterest I have boards for fashion, beauty, home & DIY, come check it out!
Number 4: If you can do anything the day before - do! Trust me, fake tan wise, you'll be grateful if it goes wrong that you'll have time to sort it out. And nails wise, do them the evening before, that way they'll be fully dried by the morning with no chance of accidental chipping.
Number 5: Ensure that your makeup stays on... It's summer, it's hot out, and you do not want to sweat off that carefully applied eye shadow. For me, top tips include: Priming. apply a facial primer five or so minutes before applying the rest of your makeup. This way, it has time to sink in and will leave your makeup looking fresh throughout the night. Aside from this, the Urban Decay setting spray is another brilliant option. Use this after putting on your face to ensure your makeup look is going nowhere!

So there you go! That's was my prom 2015 look and a few tips and tricks! Let me know, in the comments down below what you wore to your prom, and any tips you have!


  1. You looked so nice for your prom! I have mine on Friday and am having a hair stylist too as I am shocking at hair hahaha.

    emilyrose | emlaff.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Oh god I'm tragic at hair!! And thank you!! You'll have to post some pictures from your prom - I swear I love looking at people dresses! Hahaha


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