June favourites 2015

So literally where did June go?! I swear I blinked and missed it!

For me, my main two favourites are things not even shown in the photos above. The first being the weather, can we talk about 36 degrees today?! (91 Fahrenheit) It's been absolutely beautiful, the sun has been shining and it's put me in a seriously amazing mood for my vacation this year. Second of all, how could I not mention this blog?! I've only had it a few weeks and am already in love with blogging! If you're reading this please, please let me know what sort of posts you'd like to see in the future!

Okay, onto my beauty favourites...

First let's talk fragrance: for me summer scents are all about beautiful, floral, light tones that you can spritz on and not worry about being overpowering. My absolute favourite this month has been Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream which ticks all of the above boxes not to mention the super cute bottle. Alternatively in the evenings I've been using the Clarins eau Ressourcante which I actually received free from the Clarins counter. This is perfect for when you've just stepped out of the shower and want to smell nice and fresh without a ton of perfume.

As I mentioned in my Prom post, with the weather heating up it's essential to use a primer to avoid the disgusting, cakey mess of makeup by lunchtime. Throughout June I've been loving the Rimmel pro primer - its smooth and lightweight and genuinely helps my makeup stay on much longer. I have oily skin at the moment and have definitely found it helps stop oiliness occurring too.

In summertime I tend not to where extreme makeup as I prefer to let my skin breathe, so focussing on getting my lashes to look naturally long without the aid of eyeshadow has been an ongoing battle. However this all changed when, for my birthday, my uncle (shout out to him,) bought me the Chanel: le volume de Chanel mascara. Seriously, it may be a bit of an investment (but honestly it's not the most expensive on the market by far!) but it's worth it! Easily the best mascara I've ever tried which is saying something miraculous - I've tried my fair share!!

Ahhh lips, simultaneously my favourite and least favourite makeup area. For me getting a perfect lip colour can be a bit of a struggle as I have really full lips which can look stupid in super bright colours. Therefore, my new favourite combo is this neutral Laura Mercier matched with a  crazy coral from Kiko. This was actually the lip colour combo from my Prom post.

Lifestyle favourites...

Okay this months hasn't been one for the lifestyle faves. In fact when I was thinking about choosing some the only thing I could think of was my Kindle. I've been crazy obsessed with reading recently, so let me know if you have any books you think I should read! I'm going on vacation to Barbados for a fortnight in a couple of weeks so will need plenty of new titles.

My other lifestyle favourite is a food: blueberries. Seriously, they are so delicious and so good for you (apparently a super food!!) I've been eating them constantly!!

So let me know what your June Favourites have been and any books you'd recommend!
Until next time - Lily xoxo

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