Summer inspired outfit!

Top: Topshop, Skirt: Hollister, Necklace: Tiffany & Co, Bracelet: Pandora, Rings: Pandora

Now I may be alone here... but isn't summer fashion just the most delightful!! Stylewise its definitely my favourite season of the year: bright colours, bold patterns and lace... lots of lace! When people ask me to describe my style I'm always stuck for words but usually settle on: bohemian chic. When shopping I'm always drawn to flowy patterns and materials above anything else, the girly simplicity and downright prettiness of outfits such as the one above are my summer essentials.
Whilst I generally buy Topshop in the fall and winter time due to the style of their clothes I couldn't give this beautiful white lace piece up. Its an off the shoulder (which is very 'in' for summer 2015) with thin, spaghetti straps. As it is cropped it looks stunning paired with anything high waisted from shorts to jeans to a midi, high low skirt.
When I saw this skirt in the Hollister sale a few months back it was added to my basket before you could blink an eye. Seriously, it's so soft and comfortable and I think high lows are the perfect in between for anyone who doesn't have the confidence to go mini. As it is midi and high lows are making a comeback to the catwalks and with styles like this its easy to see why!

This outfit is fast becoming a summer statement for me (she says as it chucks it down with rain outside!) especially the idea of a crop top with high waisted bottoms. This will certainly be coming with me on vacation!
Let me know what summer trends you're loving in the comments!
xoxo Lily


  1. You're so right, the summer fashion is the best and the most delightful to wear! :) this is a lovely post and love the outfit! xx

    1. Aw thank you so much! Summer is definitely my favourite season! X


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