I heart Summer tag!

Before I start the tag...

I've made a bloglovin' account!! So if you want to keep up to date with all my new posts the link is to the right of this post! <3

Favourite bronzer for summer?

For me, I couldn't pick just one! But I've managed to narrow it down to either The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer, or Benefit's Hoola. Both of these are glorious matte shades that give you the perfect summer glow, without making you super sparkly. (Say no to Edward Cullen syndrome folks...) For an all over glow, I prefer swishing my brush in the Honey Bronzer, but for contouring, Hoola creates a better shadow.

You're relaxing in a hammock, on a hot tropical island. What are you sipping on?

Definitely some form of cocktail... maybe a mojito? I'm obsessed with ice cold, fruity drinks in the summer and since I don't deal with heat particularly well, I need something to keep me cool!

Favourite summer lip product?

This is a difficult one for me because I have my all-year-round staple pieces like MAC see sheer which is the perfect orangy-red colour for my complexion. However I also love bright pops of colour like No7 Classic Rose. (Although my mum's just bought a new Laura Mercier which I've been eyeing up!!) For the past few years I've started to stray away from lip glosses, however for the Urban Decay Naked ones I may make an exception!

Pool or beach?

Pool, hands down. I'm not a huge fan of water in general but I must say I do enjoy a good swim in a pool, whereas in the sea I always get salt in my eyes, get knocked around by the waves and generally don't have a fun time. Also when you're sat by the pool there's less chance of getting sand in everything that you own.

Summer = crazy hair! What's your must have styling product?

As someone with super sleek hair, it rarely gets frazzled, however in the summer I tend to go for a lot of updos - as we've mentioned I get hot and frustrated in the heat - so a thickening hairspray, such as this one by Bumble & Bumble adds some much needed volume.

Sun bathing or fake tan?

Honestly a bit of both... recently I've become very dependant on my Clarins gradual tanning oil to give me a healthy glow but since I'm going on vacation soon (I'll actually be travelling there as you're reading this!) I'm definitely going to be taking advantage of the warmer climates and hope to return with a tan!

Favourite summer nail polish?

The hardest question in this tag for sure! Anything bright and by Essie - maybe, Watermelon, Mint Candy Apple, Turquoise and Cacaos or Tart Deco. I can't just choose one, I'm too obsessed!

Any summer traditions?

 Every year my family and I go away somewhere hot a luxurious - this year, on Monday, we'll be heading to Barbados! Usually we stay in Europe: Italy, Greece etc but this year we're pushing the boat out! Expect some travel photos over the next few weeks!

Favourite BBQ food?

Feel like I'm going to disappoint here... I actually hate BBQs! Let me explain: I'm vegetarian and considering BBQs consist of basically meat I'm stuck! Obviously there's grilled veg but seriously? It's not that good and I'd rather just have a pizza!

Any summer vacation plans this year?

Yes!! As I've mentioned a couple of times, I'm going to Barbados on Monday! So what will this mean for my blog? Well, I'm not taking my laptop with me, but I intend to pre-shoot some things that will be scheduled to go out whilst I'm away. If you want to follow me on Instagram please do, I'll be posting photos a lot on there for the next couple of weeks!

I tag all of you reading this to do the I heart Summer tag!
I'd love to know all of your summer staples <3
xoxo Lily


  1. I can't explain how jealous I am of you going to Barbados! Great post, think I will do this tag at one point! Hope you have a lovely time! x

  2. Aw thanks, yeah it's a really fun tag! I'm having an amazing time so far, arrived last night and it's five hours behind the UK here so I was so jetlagged - I kept almost falling asleep at dinner because my body thought it was like 2:30 AM!! But it's so beautiful, I'll put up some photos when I get home x


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