The Fairytale Gardens.

Top: Topshop (similar linked), Trousers: Marie Sixtine, Bag: Jasper Conran, Sunglasses: Burberry

If you're ever in Oxford I cannot recommend the Botanical Gardens enough. Owned by the university, they boast the most beautiful array of flowers, trees, rivers and ponds - the perfect way to spend a few hours lazing on a hot summer afternoon. If you caught my last Oxford post you'll be aware that me and my best friend spent a day exploring the city and after lunch this was our next stop. 

After a fairly heavy meal it was nice to stroll around, the smell of roses and fresh air lingering. We were also insanely lucky with the weather, it was warm but not overly boiling, sunny, but with the occasional clouds and light breeze. All in all the perfect afternoon spent. 

I'd seen archways like this on Instagram before and always thought how beautiful they were, like hidden fairytale castles, something magical and serene that I'd never actually get to see. But then I spotted this little gem and knew I needed to get some shots of it, and once again poor Ruth was given a crash course in DSLR photography and made to take my OOTDs. Soz babes. In fact funny story, the reason I was smiling so much in the photo below is because there was a girl waiting to go through the archway stood just behind me who'd accidentally walked into my photoshoot and promptly apologised and hid so we could carry on. I was slightly dying inside but considering how well the photos turned out, I'm just about over it!  

We probably spent about an hour walking around discovering all the hidden flower gardens and tropical greenhouses (pro tip: If you want nice photos of yourself do that bit last because they were so unbelievably moist, we were sweating in seconds!) but as soon as we reached the lazy, meandering river it was time to sit back in the shade of some trees and watching the punters go by. If you don't know, Oxford University has a long standing tradition of punting; essentially a large canoe style boat that you push along the river with a large pole. At least that's what I gathered from watching various families swoosh past or more than often, crash into the banks and get agitated with each other. 

All in all it was a pretty perfect day and I'm very lucky to have friends like Ruth to spend it with. Oxford is one of those places I would highly recommend a day trip to as theres so much to see and a lot of it is within walking distance from the train station. 

I love it when you guys leave me comments so let me know what you thought of today's post! Also I'd love to know, where's your favourite place to take outfit shots because I'm in need of some inspo xxx



  1. This was the best day. Much love always and forever

  2. The pictures are beautiful.
    I will keep this location in mind.
    Have a nice week. Love, Esther

  3. These photos are so pretty - this looks the perfect place to visit, especially in the sun! Xxx

    1. Yesss definitely but I'm not sure about the heat we're having right now!

  4. exploring any kind of grounds or garden just makes me so happy and i haven't done that in ages. my boyfriend and i really want to drive down to the round bridge park in germany. its supposed to be beautiful.


    1. Oh wow that sounds amazing! Yesss I love exploring, so much fun! Xx


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