Current Jewellery Favourites.

I think it's safe to say I'm a bit of a jewellery addict. It tends to be something I ask for most birthdays and Christmas and more often then not lust over those I cannot afford. Recently I had a little splurge on some earrings from notonthehighstreet.com and it made me really want to create a post like this one. 

- Necklaces -

When I thought about picking out my favourite necklaces, there were two that immediately came to mind. Firstly the one anyone who knows me in real life will have seen me wearing this countless times: my Tiffany & Co heart shaped pendant. It's an engraved silver heart with rose gold key decorations that's incredibly wearable and can be worn on it's own or layered with longer pieces.

And then secondly my rose gold Michael Kors necklace. I received this for my eighteenth birthday and it's so beautiful and classy. I tend to wear this more as an evening piece, when I'm out for dinner etcetera. The way the stones sparkle in low light is so beautiful and I'm a huge lover of rose gold so this was right up my ally!

- Bracelets and rings -

The first ring that rarely leaves my hand is the four leafed clover in the top left of the picture above. I actually received this as a present when I left my job last august. They wanted to get me something to symbolise luck and love moving forwards and this was just perfect. The next two I wear as a stack and were also presents. The simple dot ring (similar linked) on the right of the photo was a gift from my sister for my eighteenth birthday and works so well with pretty much anything. I feel like the princess ring is a bit of a cliche but I still love it!

Another ring I wanted to mention is my rose gold Sif Jakobs piece. (Similar linked) I've mentioned it on lilyolivia before but I thought I owed it a special mention. It's definitely a statement ring, but in a subtle, glamorous way! 

Onto bracelets! There was only one that I wanted to mention here though I had a couple come in close succession. My leather Pandora charm bracelet was a gift (I swear I do buy my own things!) from my parents for my 20th alongside the two charms. This means a lot to me as my dad picked it out and usually he leaves girly things like this to my mum, but in this case he did a stellar job! The green heart is a symbolism of my birthstone the the silver L is to represent my name. 

- Earrings - 

I'm sure you've noticed the trend of small hoops? Personally I love it, the more delicate the better. I found these two beautiful hand made pairs on notonthehighstreet.com and honestly I love them so much. They're so beautiful, look expensive and can be worn with pretty much anything. In fact I haven't taken the star pair out since I got them!

Turquoise hoops: here

Gold star hoops: here 

So that was my current jewellery favourites! Let me know where your favourite places to buy accessories are, and if you have any meaningful pieces! 



  1. Aw I love your photos here, your jewellery is so pretty! Especially the hoops from not on the high street, LOVE THEM!! xxx


    1. They're so pretty aren't they?! I was looking everywhere for some small delicate hoops and then I found these <3 Thankssss xxx

  2. i'm so into dainty jewellery and your gold circle necklace is just beautiful.


    1. So am I, I'm not a fan of anything clunky and massive haha xx

  3. I really like my pandora charm bracelet but I never wear it enough! I've always wanted to be a jewellery wear-er but I just can never be bothered, I only ever where my watch.
    Kathy x

    1. You should! I love charm bracelets cause they're so easy to personalise and make special! Xx


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