Why You Should Take A Moment For Yourself.

I won't lie, I'm obsessed with how these photos turned out. There's something very magical about golden light and the way the sun hangs low enough in the sky to make everything in the foreground a deep hue of purple or navy blue. It makes for the perfect backdrop for any silhouetted photograph. One thing that me and my friends do most nights is take sunset walks. It's a great excuse to get out of the flat, get some fresh air and watch the sun disappear behind the skyline. And one day last week it suddenly clicked that these views could make for some seriously stunning photography, and hells was I right! 

But then came the problem of what to write the actual post about. Usually I take photos with a specific theme in mind, for example, here's a beauty product, lets review it, but with these I was kind of stuck. They were way too beautiful to just discard but how could I relate them to something that fitted well with my blog style. And then it kind of hit me: why do I go on walks? Because it relaxes me to completely shut off from everything and just listen to the water and watch the baby geese amble along. It just made me realise that for me the sunset and the lake mean so much more than just getting steps on the Health app. It's about taking a moment for yourself to just be calm and peaceful and talk with your friends. 

I think everyone relaxes in different ways. Some people like to drink, go out and party. And I have to agree in a way, there is something very therapeutic about drowning out the negative voices in your head with loud music and wine. Other people love reading or watching a movie. Don't get me wrong there's nothing better on a rainy afternoon than snuggling up under a blanket watching classics like Gossip Girl and Harry Potter but sometimes it's nice to get out and do something. And for me it's walking. 

I have a thing for the dark, I find it incredibly serene and calming and honestly love nothing more than walking in the pitch black around our university lake, looking at the stars. It's so important what with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to sometimes just take a moment to not think about anything at all. Forget your work deadlines, failing relationships, broken friendships... Just enjoy the peace that being in the quiet can bring. 

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post, I'll be back with a beauty related post in a couple of days. Until then, let me know in the comments how you like to relax? Do you agree with you... is walking good for the soul?!


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