Everyday Makeup Favourites.

My everyday makeup is something that changes slowly, product by product. I would say that I have a few cult favourites that have been with me years, and some newer things that I've only discovered in the last few months but swiftly have became staples. In fact in shooting these photos, it's made me realise that I've actually simplified my everyday makeup a heck tonne recently, getting rid of unnecessary steps that just slow down the getting ready process. Because trust me, if I can get away with it, I would definitely rather an extra ten minutes in bed.

And one of those eliminated steps is primer. I used to be such an avid user, in fact I've done posts about how good it is and how much nicer my skin felt with it. But after genuinely forgetting to apply it one day, my makeup looked, lasted and felt exactly the same and I realised I didn't really need it. So it way bye bye primer hello semi naked skin.  

But something I think we all need unless we're blessed with the complexion of Kim Kardashian, is concealer. Like so many people out there, I'm a huge fan of the Collection Lasting Perfection, it's super affordable and works like a dream. The only thing with this is, there isn't a huge shade range so you may end up having to combine colours to achieve you skin tone. 

At this time of year I couple powder foundation and a warm toned bronzer instead of going for a liquid foundation. I have combination to oily skin so the effect of a powder helps mattify without clogging my pores whilst still offering light to medium coverage. Personally I adore The Body Shop makeup and it doesn't get much better than their All-In-One Face Base and the Honey Bronzer combined together. 

For blush I've been combining The Body Shop powdered blush in 03 with Soap and Glory's shimmered blush. Both are shimmery and when combined add a gorgeous sparkle and hint of colour. I can't stand super bright cheeks so I tend to go for more muted rose shades when selecting blush, plus it's good to add a hint of colour to your cheeks so you don't look too monotone! 

Eyebrows are arguably considered one of the most important facial features of our generation, so in my personal opinion having good brow products is a must. And for me there is one brand that stands out as being superior to the rest. That is of course, the coveted Anastasia. I'd been dying to get my hands on some of their products and when I found a website that stocked them about a year or so ago I became a girl possessed. 

The Brow Whiz is my go-to for a natural look. On a daily basis I tend to layer another product over the top, however if I'm going for a very subtle no makeup makeup look, this works just fine for adding a touch of colour and evening out hair follicles. 

For a more intense sweat proof look (because let's be honest I'm pretty sure every part of my body is sweating with this heat!) I use the Dipbrow Pomade, which is thicker, waterproof and more pigmented. I would say in general it's a bit off a faff to use but I really like the end result so I guess that makes up for it! I apply mainly using an angled liner brush like this one from Anastasia. 

Onto the eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to your soul so why not dress them up to make your soul look that much more appealing. For everyday makeup I tend to reach for either my Naked or Naked 3 palettes, however I also have a Dior quad thats stunning for a more gentle eye look. I don't think I have to stress just how good Urban Decay eyeshadows are because we all know, but seriously, if you're one of the remaining three people who haven't tried them, you're missing out, they're incredible.

My holy grail mascara and eyeliner combo is the Chanel Volume de Chanel and Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick. Whilst I don't wear a cat eye everyday, when I do I love how precise and easy to use this eyeliner is. As for the mascara I'd say this is a love / hate product. Obviously I adore it, I think it's the best on the market however my mum borrowed it and hated it. In complete honesty I think it depends on your eyelashes. I'm blessed with naturally quite thick lashes and it enhances them so well however if yours are on the shorter side it might not work as well. 

I love high end lipstick, I'm just gonna put that out there. I'd say three quarters of my lipstick collection is high end because I truly believe you pay for quality. For an everyday face of makeup MAC has three shades that are perfect in my opinion for adding a touch of classy colour. Firstly from the Lustre collection: See Sheer - a gorgeous red based coral and Capricious - a stunning subtle plum and then from the Matte collection: Mehr, that classic MAC pinkish nude. 

So that was my everyday makeup routine! Head over to my instagram @lilyoliviablog to see a pic of how it all looks on my face! As always your comments make my day so let me know what you thought of todays post and leave your blog links so I can have a gander xx



  1. I'm the same, if I have to cut out a few steps so to have 10 minutes more in bed, that's excatly what I do! I have the Naked and Naked 3 palettes too and absolutely swear by them, I'm at the point now where my Naked pallete has about 3 shades that I've completed used up - the shades darkhorse and sidecar are aaaall gone haha! ~ great post Lily, I love having a nosey at what people use everyday!! ;) xxx


    1. Yesss I love those shades!! I really wanna get Naked Heat as well cause that looks GORGEOUS! Thankssss xxx

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  2. the lasting perfetion concealer is just my all time favourite. i never loved a concealer as much.


  3. I love the collection concealer! The range of shades isn't that great for sure but for under the eyes I love it too!
    Kathy x

    1. That's where I mainly use it to be honest! xx


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