Testing the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Targeted Imperfection Corrector.

My skin and I have been fighting a never ending war since I was about sixteen. I thought I had it all under control within a year or so with the introduction of the amazing Liz Earle products into my skincare routine, however for some reason, when I left school, my skin flared up again. Probably stress lets be honest! It wasn't horrendous don't get me wrong, but I was watching everyone around me's skin clearing up and mine was just getting worse and worse. Having spots when you're sixteen is ok, it's not when you're nineteen going on twenty. 

If you've read my post about going on the pill for acne then you'll know everything has pretty much cleared up and I rarely get inflamed spots anymore however I have been left with an uneven and pigmented skin tone that makes me quite self conscious going without makeup. Obviously this isn't great especially around summer time when I'll be heading on holiday and hopefully not sweltering in the midday sun in a layer of foundation.  So when I was last in Boots I had a little look around for anything I could apply over the top of a moisturiser to try and fade the dark spots that littered my cheekbones. 

That's when I first discovered the La Roche-Posay Imperfection Corrector - a creamy slightly gel like substance that promised to stop breakouts and mending the skin by aiding the rejuvenation process. I'm full on rubbish at product descriptions so this is what Boots have to say:

"La Roche-Posay Effaclar Anti-Imperfection Corrector is an intensive local skincare treatment that purges imperfections in-depth to accelerate their resorption and prevent residual skin marking:Niacinamide stops the development of the breakout.The piroctone olamine/glycacil combination purifies the seat of bacterial activity to resorb skin imperfections.Micro-exfoliating LHA and repairing La Roche-Posay thermal spring water, activate the skin regeneration process."

Via Boots.com

I'll be honest and say I wasn't expecting miracles. In an ideal world I'd be happy if my dark spots faded slightly or shrunk in size at all. Frankly I will say, that's probably what I got. There are so many people who swear by La Roche-Posay and I don't doubt that it's a great skincare brand with a lot of science behind their products. However my skin tends to prefer gentler products and whilst this wasnt horrific in any way I wouldn't say it was a miracle product.

My skin is starting to get smoother and the pigmentation decreasing which is probably partly down to this product and partly due to no new outbreaks. Honestly I'm quite happy to carry on using it because it does seem to be having positive effects and generally making me more confident in my own skin. 

Unfortunately one thing I cannot comment on is how this product deals with new outbreaks. Thanking my lucky stars the pill seems to be working for me however I would be very interested to know if you've used this and hear your thoughts!

In general I would recommend trying this before investing in something like the Kiels Midnight Recovery Oil which is notably more pricey. La Roche-Posay still remains a great skincare brand and I'm thoroughly enjoying this new addition to my skincare routine!



  1. I can so relate to the problematic skin...I definitely think it's stress related *sighs*.

    I’ve generally been really pleased with La Roche Posay’s, as well as Eucerin’s and Vichy’s skin care range – it’s always nice when you spend a bit more on products and they actually deliver on what they promised.

    Out of the three, I was probably the most underwhelmed by La Roche Posay so I agree that whilst it's a lovely product, it's not earth shattering.

    I’d highly recommend Vichy's Normaderm Anti Blemish cream. The range from Avene is one I'm hoping to try next :)

    - Lubna | The Digital Review

    1. Ooh thank you!! I'll have to look into it! Xx


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